May in meltdown! What next??

We’re in the period of madness as the government melts down, as May stands futilely against the tide and the future is unclear.

Now we know the complexity of the joint ventures, the costs involved, the duplication of so many people and roles, the massive divorce bill and the major obstacles to trade that will follow. Now we understand the implications for the economy. Now we understand more about the looniness of the extremist brexiteers and the reckless stupidity of their ideological based nationalism. Now we understand more about the lies that we have been fed.

It all comes to a vote that cannot be won.

What next?

Will we crash out with a damaging no deal?

Will we negotiate a different deal?

Will there be a leadership race in the Tories?

Will there be a general election?

Will there be a new government?

Will there be another referendum?

Will be stay in the EU?

If I had my way I’d let the Tories pull themselves apart in a messy leadership race. Have a general election with a massive Labour majority. Have a new referendum with a massive win for Remain and stay in the EU.

A perfect end to a disastrous mistake!

Then we can begin to address the mess this Tory government has made of the country – to reduce crime (particularly the rise in knife crime), sort the railways, the NHS, prisons, mental health, police, education, courts, homeless, fix the tax loop-holes, put an end to these obscene multimillion pound bonuses and pay-outs, stop the huge rises in energy costs, water rates, put an end to the creeping privatisation, solve housing and help the poor.

That should keep the Labour government busy for a week or two.

2 thoughts on “May in meltdown! What next??

  1. I voted to remain on the old principle better the devil I know than the devil I don’t. Mrs May had the job thrust upon her and Mr Cameron neatly ducked from facing the music of which he was the orchestrater. Meanwhile the elusive Mr Farage shuffled for position with his eye on financial gain. Jeremy Corbyn was at a loss and still is uncertain which way to jump , meanwhile the country is in uproar.
    Europe is not what it was since the migrant crisis as governments move to the right , it makes me wonder whether it will hold together.

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