Voting to set us free? A poem

Voting to set us free?


A vote to make us poorer.

A vote to split us up.

A vote to rip us to pieces

Selling the country a pup!


Based on lies and arrogance

So much for project fear.

Ideology masked by populism

As the cliff face draws near.


Smarmy, arrogant nationalists

Push their crazy plans –

Fascists and populists

With the future in their hands.


They’ve split the country into tribes

As the hate-crime soars.

Xenophobia reigns

Spreading its racist spores.


Both sides now entrenched

Not willing to give an inch.

Logic and rationality victims

Of the unwillingness to flinch.


As worst fears become real

Revealing the complexity

In a toxic battle of propaganda

And masochistic insanity.


As the moment of truth approaches

Are they voting to set us free?

Or in this culmination

To fuck the whole country?


Opher 26.11.2018

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