The United Nations is the hope for the world!

I have recently read comments claiming that the UN is either a Jewish conspiracy, a Muslim conspiracy or a globalist Bankers conspiracy.

Of course it is none of the above.

It is representatives from all the countries of the world (apart from some minor players – Palestine, Vatican City, Taiwan, Western Sahara, Kosovo, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Northern Cyprus) brought together to look at the global issues of war, poverty and human rights.

It has, as its basis, the agreed document of the Declaration of Human Rights. Which in my opinion is the best document humans have ever produced.

It enables the world to discuss issues, deal with transgressions and take action when necessary.

Who can possibly say how effective this has been? How many incidents has it headed off? What better rights people have?

I think it has achieved a lot.

It shines a spotlight on wrongdoing. It highlights transgressions. It brought pressure to bear.

Unfortunately it is not as effective as it could be. All too often the greater powers use their vetoes to prevent action. All too often they have not been quick enough to act. All too often their action has been too limited. All too often their troops have been behaving badly.

I do not want a body that wades in with a heavy hand. I do not want more violence.

I want a body that deploys diplomacy and the spotlight of publicity to show up countries that abuse. I want issues discussed and brought into the open. I want trade and sanctions brought to bear and I want peacekeeper forces deployed in an observer way.

We need a body like the UN and we need to make sure that it is managed properly and addresses the issues.

I put my faith in an effective UN. The saviour of the world.

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