Watching the American Midterm elections and following developments with Brexit it seems that both were fuelled by the spectre of mass immigration. Trump certainly wanted to focus on it – demonising the refugee caravan – because he knew it resonated with the fears of his base.

In Europe we are suffering from having to deal with large numbers of people fleeing Africa and the Middle East due to either severe economic problems or war. They are fleeing wars in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and general poverty in many areas of Africa and the Middle East. On top of that we have an influx of economic migrants from the Eastern European States where there is poverty.

In America there is a movement of people from Central America and Mexico fleeing poverty and the drug wars. There are also Muslims wanting to get into the States to escape the wars in the Middle East.

Having so many people coming into a country puts a strain on services and causes tensions within the endemic population. It is very hard to integrate so many people – particularly if they, as with Muslims, have different values and appearances.

I see immigration is top of many peoples list of concerns both in Europe and the States. Perhaps it is time for both America and Europe to start taking it seriously and dealing with the root causes?

So what are the causes of mass migration?

Overpopulation – many countries have a burgeoning population. There is no work for them. It creates poverty. It puts stress on the infrastructure and environment. Families cannot support or provide for the numbers they are producing.

Unemployment – if there is no work for people, or the pay is so incredibly poor, they will seek to go somewhere else where they can gain a better standard of life.

Wars – If regions are ravaged by wars then families will flee and seek refuge away from the conflicts.

Poverty – unemployment, exceptionally poor wages and no prospects make people desperate.

I am sure that if people had a reasonable life in the country of their birth they would not be after taking huge risks in trying to cross continents in pursuit of a better life.

I can’t help thinking that it would be a lot cheaper and less traumatic to deal with these underlying issues than constantly waging wars or maintaining economic inequalities and having to deal with multitudes of refugees along with the terrorism that it spawns.

2 thoughts on “Immigration.

  1. Your suggestion that “Brexit [was] fuelled by the spectre of mass immigration” (which admittedly was not the main thrust of your article), is controversial amongst those who are well-informed. For example, that so-called “spectre” played no part at all in my own decision to vote Leave in the UK’s Brexit referendum.

    My early Brexit-related web content is here:

    My present opinion is that the run-up to Brexit has show the EU up for what it is, making it a good job we found out sooner rather than later, by trying to leave.

    By all accounts, the refugee caravan was staged (and at that by the side opposite to that Trump takes – George Soros being named as an alleged sponsor) in order to polarise. It was an emotional new story thin on facts that was almost calculated to cause both American tribes, rednecks and libtards alike, to do, kneejerk, more of what they’ve always done, with even greater self-righteousness. I believe the caravan happened when it did in the cynical expectation that Trump, who can be relied to jump on a bandwagon in response to any topical news story, would jump on this story just as his opponents did.

    Trump has published sound-bites, to the effect that America’s response should be to admit the genuine and deserving refugees, but not without due process. A disappointingly centrist response, from the point of view of those who’d wanted to discredit him as a racist xenophobe.

    1. John – I think there were a number of factors that were involved in peoples’ decisions to leave – sovereignty, controlling borders, economic factors and dislike of the EU are four that come to mind. Others simply wanted to give politicians a bloody nose. I would contend that immigration, with its fear of Muslims and Eastern Europeans was a big factor in that. I’m sure that not everybody was motivated by those reasons.
      That is the main problem. The politicians are double guessing what the motivation and will of the people actually was. With a binary vote and a close result they is no way of knowing. They can insist all they like but they simply do not know.
      Yes I’ve heard all manner of conspiracy theories as to who was behind the caravan. The only thing we know for sure is that Trump gave it a central role in his campaign, sought to demonise it and used it to motivate his base. His language was decidedly racist.
      In terms of the number. They are not really that substantial (given the 325,000 that enter the US each and every day). It was always obvious that they would simply need processing as with every other person turning up at the border. I don’t think there is anything surprising about that.
      Thanks for your input. I’ll check out your link.

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