Burning the poppy

A great poem that captured some of the sentiment I feel. Those generations gave their lives so that we could be free. Freedom is not about doing what we are told to do.
I don’t know why the lad chose to burn his poppy. Perhaps it was out of disrespect? Perhaps it was a protest about something else? All I know is that millions died to give him the right.


This poem was inspired by a 2012 Daily Mail story, Teenager is arrested for burning poppy on Facebook.


I choked back my tears, as I pondered the rhyme
On 11/11, at just the right time,
In my home town square, where the wreaths had been laid
And the mayor wore his chain, and the Last Post was played.
“For their tomorrow we gave our today.”
Shall we squander such sorrow?  Throw tomorrow away?

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