Trump’s Approval Record 39% with 55% against!

Trump’s level of approval worst since Eisenhower.

Trump’s approval rating in the poll stands at 39% overall, with 55% disapproving, slightly worse than in early October, when 41% approved of his performance and 52% disapproved.
That is the worst pre-election approval rating for any president approaching their first midterm election in polling dating back to Eisenhower.
Please be sure to get out and vote and tell him that you don’t like the division and hate he is drumming up!!

26 thoughts on “Trump’s Approval Record 39% with 55% against!

    1. Let’s hope!! I can’t believe what has happened to the States. It has lurched so much to the right. It’s on the brink of fascism. If the Dems don’t get the House I dread to think what the next couple of years are going to be like.

      1. Well it would have lurched towards the right because it’s a Republican government.
        I’m not so sure about claims of “so much to the right” as that sort of situation is usually when USA goes to war and as yet that is not an issue. Defusing Korea was hardly an act of right-wing fascism. The media and television industries are supported with endless sums of money to promote unrest and they’re doing a good job where any fascism going down hails from the left and not for the first time either.
        It’s a very confused state of affairs and I’m finding so many distant commentators suffering from abject confusion also.

      2. Dave – I stayed up until 2 a.m. and then checked again at 5.30 a.m. – not brilliant but good enough.
        I think now that the Dems need to get their act together in order to ensure he doesn’t get a second term. This might wake them up. It isn’t going to happen without some serious policies.

  1. Wallace – I do not think it is the media promoting division so much as Trump’s rhetoric. He’s drumming up hatred and division, lying and misrepresenting.

    1. Opher – May I suggest, therefore, that you sit down at your pc, dial up any of the servers that gain access to viewing live stream US TV and pay attention. I’ve been watching it every day these last years for several hours and it really is something else. Goodness knows how you could have possibly come to the conclusion that you have arrived at so far. I can only conclude, therefore, that you really don’t have any idea as to the reality of the situation.
      Golly, you wouldn’t think a country such as USA would ever have any sort of government that does a bit of lying and misrepresenting. You’re right, I really can’t think of a single Democrat government that would so much as dream to do such a thing. Gosh me.

      1. Wallace – I don’t have time to do that. I am too busy writing. But I certainly hear the guff that Trump is putting out and the way he is drumming up hate, fear and division. The tack he took in the midterms was typical – the ‘toxic caravan invasion’ was laughable but it was loaded with racism, fear of Muslim terrorists, gang members, rapists, drugs etc. Utterly stupid and feeding the fears and hate of the gullible.
        Every single day 325,000 people fly into the States. Many of those stay. They are all processed. It can’t be too hard to do the same with a mere 7000 most of whom are desperate refugees.
        Who paid for that caravan? Did Trump set it up as a political election stunt? Surely not?

      2. Opher – Obviously, therefore, with your other activities you will be very far indeed from any loops of reality check. Your loss and I really can’t help you.

        If you insist being fed with your facts and figures by the likes of Quartz, which is where you got this figure of 325,000 from in the first place – well I really don’t know.
        End of this conversation for me.

      3. Opher – Why would it look right to you? Do you study world air stats in your spare time away from all this writing time that affords you no other spare time to actually watch the news? That cap don’t fit right.
        It’s these loose and out of control statements that you make that concern me.
        Allow me to quote:
        “Every single day 325,000 people fly into the States. Many of those stay. They are all processed. It can’t be too hard to do the same with a mere 7000 most of whom are desperate refugees.
        Who paid for that caravan? Did Trump set it up as a political election stunt? Surely not?”

        Each year USA has around 150 million people flying either domestic or international.
        OK, let’s say your figure of 325k flying in per day is good – it was your source I objected to.
        So 325k per day = 11.86 Million per year.
        And you’re saying most of them stay? Most of 11.86 Million? You must be greatly mistaken with that assumption.

        Secondly, there’s nothing like 7,000 on that train of economic migrants. They are not refugees. In fact, there’s now something approximating 17,000 as more have joined on as it walks itself along.

        No Trump did not pay for it. That train started off from when panic set in to the mindset of these people who thought that if they didn’t try their luck now then they’d never get there. It would be best to remember that Trump didn’t invent border controls, but, however, has very good reasons to protect it today. Bad news has a tendency to travel fast.

      4. Wallace – I did not say they all stayed. Some of them do. But they are all processed without a problem. Even if it was 17,000, which I very much doubt. It would be just as easy to process them. They are not an invasion. They are not armed. They are refugees. What do you think they are? Armed Muslims?
        I wasn’t really suggesting that Trump did set it up – though I wouldn’t put it past him. But he certainly exploited it in the most obnoxious way. His language was geared to inflaming the gullible – invasion, rapists, drugs cartel, gang members, middle easterners. All without foundation. Crass and playing a racist card.

      5. Opher – This subject was only one of many covered by Trump. How could he ignore not talking about it when it’s publicised on 99 channels 24/7 in hysterical terms “oh, look what’s coming!”. He would have been as equally criticised had he not talked about it.
        You are simply victim to the leftist-baiting machine. How could any President, no matter how he swung, ignore that situation? Think about that a bit will you please.
        I didn’t hear the TV complaining about the economy or unemployment or foreign wars or anything much else, except about people that aren’t US citizens and aren’t even in the country and only because Trump said he’d deal with it. How screwed up is that?
        I’ll remind you that nobody else had put their hands up saying they’ll deal with it. Least of any of the federal agencies that are responsible. That US TV media is such a load of corrupt shit. They’re all on a quarter of a million dollars a year salaries and living nowhere near these slums. Their hypocrisy is disgusting to me. Whereas, you seem to be inspired by it.

        They are NOT refugees. Understand that fast.

        So which contingent of the population is flooding USA with illegal weapons and hard drugs? Who is it that is providing that protection of operation scale and manifesting terror and execution to all that intervene? How many and how large would you be happy to see these cartels become before you might think to look to acknowledge we have a major problem on out hands here? Would you not do anything just because some have brown skin and you wouldn’t want to upset other brown people?
        Is it not the Amish from Pennsylvania, that’s for sure.
        It really won’t hurt USA or any of its citizens too much by taking a step back to address some problems that have the potential to reek more havoc upon society.
        It must never be deemed as unacceptable to talk about it.
        You must get over that first hurdle. There are several colours of people and at any given time one of these colours will be the centre of attention. That isn’t racist. That’s unfortunate, but a fact of life. Trump is presently dealing with that fact of life simply because it just might have something to do with his responsibility duties in the process of performing his job description.

      6. naw – rubbish. Trump focussed on it precisely because he knew it would fire up his base and he needed them out there to counter the blue surge. He used every racist trick going. I’m surprised you fell for it. They are refugees. They aren’t the drug cartels. Those guys can smuggle drugs in with impunity. They don’t need some refugee caravan. They aren’t terrorists. They are refugees. He knew his base of whites was scared shitless about being displaced as a majority – which is what will shortly happen. He played them.

    2. Opher – the moral of that is NEVER believe polls manifested by the opposition. I actually laughed so loud when I first read your post header, I spilled my tea down all over me.

      1. I don’t believe any polls. But I do take an interest in them.
        I will be interested to see what the reality was last night. Polls do reveal a trend. Trump is very unpopular.

      2. Opher – Correction. Polls have a 50/50 chance of revealing a trend. Of course, we have simply no idea whatsoever from whence such a poll was conducted in the first place.

    1. I’ll get the results from the midterm – they were in line with predictions. When the figures come out I’ll check it over.
      Polls are never exact but they do show trends. I also think polls affect voting. It brings some people out and makes others complacent.

      1. Yes Opher, much like the Brexit polls were in line. Calm down and start thinking straight. We’re not all buttoned up the back you know.

      2. Wallace – the Brexit polls got it wrong. But that doesn’t mean all polls are wrong. I don’t like this trashing of experts and scientists in this post-truth era.

      3. Opher – Quite, so therefore by automatic decree does not mean they’re all correct either.
        What experts? Who choose them to be representative experts and why?
        There’s no such thing as a “political expert”, much like the tooth fairy, Opher.

        What scientists? In a political half-term poll? Scientists? You be just as well asking the lolly-pop man also then. Bring `em all down, let’s tick boxes! Lol.

        Keep to subject matter in hand please.

      4. Of course there are experts. People spend their lives studying these things in depth. The polls for the Midterms were spot on. They predicted a 9% swing to Dems and that is precisely what has happened. The fact that the system is such that it doesn’t translate into a landslide like it would in the UK is a fault of the system. It is designed to favour republican rural areas. Trump got in with 3 million less votes than Hilary. Same thing here. The swing didn’t register in the senate or to the extent it should in the congress.
        This discrediting of experts applies to scientists as well. It is the same thing. Not off topic at all. The stand response is don’t believe the experts on climate change, on animal populations on the world being a globe.

      5. Opher – You misunderstand. I don’t mean these results, I mean your theory that polls have the ability to predict outwith a 50/50 ratio. By the laws of statistical averages they should not have. One of us is confusing result with potential.
        Basically Opher, it’s a case of rubbish in, rubbish out. These polls are only as good as what’s fed to them. Some are accurate, some are not. We never really can tell because we don’t know what was in fact fed into them. The fact that some seem to be accurate is really just down to the laws of chance. The laws of chance start at stage one with 50/50. 50/50 is the best it can ever be.
        Whereas, our chances of winning the Euro lottery is about 700 Million to one at best with just one number. Multiply that by however many it is on the ticket, 7 or 8, I think, and then multiply again by the chances of that 8 digit combination coming up and I’ve no idea. I can’t calculate that big.
        See what I mean?

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