The Greatest Folk Singers (And Singer Songwriters) of All Time!! (At least the ones I like!)

I suppose I got into Folk Music in two ways. I was introduced to it through the country Blues and I was simultaneously saturated with first Dylan and Donovan and then the sixties contemporary Folk scene.

I liked guitar playing and good lyrics. It brought both together.

This is a list of my favourites:

Woody Guthrie

Pete Seeger

Bob Dylan

Phil Ochs

Anne Briggs

Richard and Mimi Farina

Bert Jansch

Paul Simon

John Renbourn


Roy Harper

Jackson C Frank

Nick Drake

Al Stewart

Ralph McTell

Davy Graham

Stephan Grossman

John Fahey

Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy

John Martyn

Joni Mitchell

Buffy St Marie

Joan Baez

Leonard Cohen

Richard Thompson


Peter La Farge

Huddie Ledbetter

Big Bill Broonzy

Tom Paxton

Townes Van Zandt

Arlo Guthrie

Sandy Denny

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Folk Singers (And Singer Songwriters) of All Time!! (At least the ones I like!)

  1. I agree with the previous posts which seem to have disappeared in that it was just a bit too mainstream a choice-list for me. I prefer slightly more left-field and I’ve listed them from as far as I can remember in a sort of when they first appeared order. Sort of being in the loosest sense.

    Cisco Houston
    Hank Snow
    Eric Anderson
    Koerner, Ray & Glover
    The Stanley Brothers
    Fred Neil
    Owen Hand
    Hamish Imlach
    Fairport Convention
    David Ackles
    Waylon Jennings
    Karen Dalton
    F.J. McMahon
    Mike Hart
    Steelye Span
    Bridget St John
    Linda Thomson
    Claire Hamill
    Michael Chapman
    Eric Bogle
    Lal & Mike Waterson
    Ry Cooder
    June Tabor
    Wizz Jones
    Johnny “Guitar” Hodge
    Kate Rusby
    Steve Ashley
    Stan Benbow
    Polly Bolton
    Vashti Bunyan
    Steve Tiltson
    Duffy Power
    Alasdair Roberts
    Trembling Bells
    The Unthanks
    Ryley Walker
    Richard Dawson
    Jim Ghedi
    Gwenifer Raymond
    Bill Ryder-Jones

    Although there’s a host of big names on your list and some more on mine, the absolute pinnacle out of any of them is without a doubt Karen Dalton. It’s doesn’t get more true-roots folk than her. Less is more.

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