The Best Acoustic Blues Artists (Or at least my favourites).

I really got to love the Blues when I was fourteen years old. My friend Dick Brunning introduced me. I never looked back.

I was fortunate to get to see a number of the originals when they were brought across in the sixties on these Festival of the Blues tours. I feel privileged to have seen them before they died. They were amazing.

Hunting down those albums was really hard back in the sixties. They were like gold dust. When you found one on Folkways or whatever it was a real celebration and you’d play it to death.

Here’s a list of my personal favourites:

Son House

Robert Johnson

Bukka White

Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup

Furry Lewis

Memphis Minnie

Kokomo Arnold

Bo Carter

Snooks Eaglin

Memphis Jug Band

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Texas Alexander

Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

Willie Johnson

Blind Willie McTell

Peg Leg Howell

Big Joe Williams

Bessie Smith (hard to fit in anywhere with Blues – more Jazz)

6 thoughts on “The Best Acoustic Blues Artists (Or at least my favourites).

    1. Yes Dave – I visited a couple of those places when I went round Mississippi. You could imagine it.
      It’s incredible to think of those guys busking on the streets, playing the jukes, the barbeques and bars. It hasn’t changed much round there.

      1. Oh yes it has changed. It has been completely cleaned up to an almost marshal law level of orderly order. If you want to see the real thing you have to leave town and venture out to the woodlands. You might not want to be white, though.

      2. Well we are white and we travelled right out into the sticks in all the small towns and we talked to the locals and never had a spot of bother. It was very real, not cleaned up too much. Didn’t see any policing or martial law – just poor black locals.

      3. Dave – standing out there in those small towns and fields you could just imagine it. There were some real showmen around like Tommy Johnson and Charlie Patton. They were doing all manner of stuff like playing the guitar behind their heads, between their legs or flinging it up in the air and spinning it to catch it and play in time. There was even an account of Tommy doing handstands on the guitar while playing. Quite amazing.
        We went round hunting out the graves which took us right out into the rural communities. I found Charlie Patton’s.

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