We are living in the Post-Truth Era – the Age of Irrationality.

In the Post-Truth era we choose what to believe from gut instinct.

All truth is now political.

Experts and scientists are in the pay of different factions.

There is no truth.

There is no global warming/the Earth is getting hotter by the minute

There is no species extinctions/the extinction rates are alarming

Brexit will destroy our economy/Brexit will liberate our economy

Immigrants are rapists and terrorists/Immigrants are in need

There is no god/it’s all God’s plan

Trump is a self-serving uncouth braggard/Trump has all the answers

State education is indoctrination/State education is enlightening

Everyone deserves healthcare/why should I pay for the lazy?

Obama was a great, caring, eloquent leader/Obama was a foreign devil

Clinton is a crook/Clinton is a 1000 times better than Trump

The UN is run by globalists/the UN is the only hope to fight globalists

We need a world government/a world government is slavery

The Earth is flat/The Earth is a globe

There are UFOs/there are no UFOs

Muslims have taken over Europe/Muslims are being integrated

9/11 was a conspiracy by the USA/9/11 was a terrorist act

The media is the tool of the elite/the media reports fairly accurately

You decide politically which side you agree with and then go to the website of your choice which will back up your decision. It will either discredit certain experts or agree with those experts.

You have a choice of which truth you wish to align with.

Once you have made your decision you can deride anybody who thinks differently to you, call them idiots and cite the evidence you have gleaned from the website of your choice.

You can then harangue all the media and experts/scientists and scream ‘FAAAKKKEEE  NEEEWWWSSS!!!’ at the top of your voice.

Meanwhile the ones who are sowing this discord are reaping the benefits. They harvest the chaos into cash and power.

This is the post-truth era. The only facts you can believe are that some people are getting exceedingly wealthy on the proceeds and some people are getting their way.

But this is a very dangerous game. Pulling the rug out from under the establishment, feeding the hate and division for your own ends could bring the whole edifice crashing down.

Already there are those who are spoiling for a fight. Things can erupt. We never learn. Civil war and revolution are situations in which everyone loses. There’s nothing romantic about it. We see the destroyed cities and mass graves, the torture chambers and broken people, the starvation and the same psychopathic people always coming out on top.

But this is the post-truth era. We believe what we are told from the people who manipulate us.


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