The Person at the top sets the tone!

As the belligerence in the States spreads out from politics on to the streets and into the mail it needs pointing out that the tone of an institute or nation is set by those at the top.

If the leader of a country sets an example of being aggressive, rude and encouraging violence it is not surprising that we get some individuals who take it to heart and develop such hatred that they send pipe-bombs through the mail.

I have watched in amazement at the lies and demeaning calls to violence made by Trump. I watched him encouraging police to rough up suspects, encouraging his supporters to punch hecklers and leading his supporters in aggressive chants against his political foes. I’ve watched him undermine experts and the press and declaring that everything is fake news while the biggest purveyor of fake news is himself.

Now we have bombs sent to politicians. The level of hatred being whipped up is unprecedented.

Where does it end?

The leader sets the tone and the tone being set is one of division, hatred and violence.

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