Here’s to the end of austerity – a poem.

Here’s to the end of austerity

Here’s to the end of austerity.
They say we’ve had enough.
We were all in it together
But only the poor have found it tough.

They took from the schools and the NHS
But gave to the captains of industry.
The executives all got their bonuses
But there was none left for you and me.

They’ve had enough of cutting
There’s nothing left to slash.
They’ve ravaged every service
And stolen all the cash.

Police and nurses join the teachers
All trying to get by
Under the yoke of austerity;
Under its blue Tory sky.

Austerity has decimated our country
And has brought no end of tears.
I’ll be glad to see the end of this dogma
But we have to wait three    whole    fucking       years!

Opher 4.10.2018

I watched the Tory conference as they ripped each other apart. It was all about Brexit. You wouldn’t believe that the country was falling apart.
Mrs May’s big announcement was that austerity was coming to an end – except we’ll have to wait three years – until we get close to the next election.
Until then they’ll continue slashing school budgets, privatising the Health Service and putting the poor into low pay jobs.
We’ve got a debt to service!
But it’s OK – the wealthy deserve their tax cuts and we don’t want to block the tax avoidance schemes, do we?

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