Kavanaugh and Sexual Abuse.

In terms of the sexual abuse situation. I can see both sides. Some women, for various reasons, do make false accusations. That is true.

But women have been abused for centuries by men like Bret Kavanaugh.

It has been going on through society. Powerful men have abused their situation. Abusive men have systematically abused with impunity. It was swept under the carpet and even seen as the norm. Abused women were ignored, not believed and even blamed for the abuse they suffered.

That has hopefully changed. Abuse should never be swept under the carpet.

Each case of abuse should be investigated. Each report of abuse should be listened to. IMO this has to be carried out sensitively. I do not say that the people claiming to have been abused should be completely believed. I think there should be a climate in which they are believed and listened to but in which there is the possibility that it is not true.

I also believe that the person accused should be innocent until proven guilty. For people to be dragged through courts without any evidence is simply wrong.

I just want a hell of a lot more of them found guilty – because many of them are.

18 thoughts on “Kavanaugh and Sexual Abuse.

  1. Shame that the same attitude is not applied to all those muslim Paedophile Rape Gangs, that are still operating around the Country, in particular where schools are situated, odd that the police should send “private” letters to some schools warning them of the muslim Paedophile Rape Gangs in their area, and yet they make no arrests knowing where these muslims are. These innocent young girls seem not to matter, they are not “well briefed on how to screw more money out of men”, when in fact the authorities should be doing all they can to stop these muslim paedophile rape gangs.

    As for these women who appear to have selective memories when it comes to accusing rich powerful men of rape. If a person was raped or sexually assaulted in any way, you remember where it was and when it was and what was done, no matter how many years go by. The more powerful the man the more wealthy, these “women” crawl out of their holes. They do real women no favours, especially those who have really suffered.

    1. Any bastards who rape young girls should be locked up Anna. I’m not sure where you are getting this information from though?
      Likewise women who make false accusations should be locked up. But more women need to be listened to. There has been far too much abuse for too long.

    2. Are we just to excuse the men’s behavior then, Anna? What if you’d had a daughter and it happened to her? As for me, I’m tired of this world being an old boys club.

  2. I honestly tried to give Kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt. Could he have forgotten that episode? If the answer is yes then he’s telling HIS truth. BUT if it happened and he REALLY DOESN’T REMEMBER, what does that say about his opinion of Ms. Ford (or any other woman) that the act has no significance in his life. It seems to me he shows how narcissistic he is. And regardless of who is lying and who is not, I don’t want someone like that on the Supreme Court.

    I believe her because when you go through something traumatic there’s usually something that sticks with you the most while other things get blurry. I found that to be true when my cousin was shot by his friend over a fight about a bike when I was nine or so. To this day I can only remember hearing my dad say to my grandma, “Lonnie is dead.” I remember nothing else of what happened that day.

    1. Cheryl – I think memory is very selective. We blot out lots of things and remake memories. Different people respond in different ways. I can fully understand how an experience like that would affect a young girl.
      We have had a patriarchal society where the systematic abuse of females was condoned, brushed under the carpet and accepted – even by women. It was normalised.
      Hopefully we are moving into a different age where women have more power and this behaviour is not acceptable. That can only be a good thing.
      The more I hear about this Kavanaugh the less I like. Even his friends talk about the debauchery of that time. It is the height of hypocrisy for me. I can’t see how a man like that could possibly have been nominated.
      He and Trump have history of abusing women – from the mouths of their friends. I think that stinks.
      Historic sexual abuse is very hard to prove. I think a man is innocent until proven guilty. On that grounds I would suggest that Kavanaugh is innocent until a court finds him guilty.

      1. You’re right, 0phet. Women have stood by and just taken it up the wahzoo (quite literally) for far too long. Now it’s time to stop. Men and women should be equal. I suspect Kavanaugh will be confirmed before the day is over. But regardless of whether he did or didn’t abuse Christine Ford, I don’t think his temperament is suitable to be on the Supreme Court. Now the senators are talking about term limits for the judges. And there still a possibility that if he’s confirmed he can be impeached already.

      2. Cheryl – I hope when all the dust settles we end up with an equality in which abuse of women is no longer acceptable in the same way that casual racist isn’t. There is hope for the future.
        As for Kavanaugh – well I’m sure they’ll inaugurate him, they just want his vote, but it’s done them a lot of damage. I think a limited term is obviously the way to go and I hope they do impeach him.
        This all looks like a lousy way to run the highest court of the land on political terms.

      3. I think it’s safe to say the government we have now it’s not the government we’ve had in the past. It has so altered and attitudes and actions in this country that I barely recognize this place anymore. I guess I kind of feel like Anna does about what’s going on around us. It’s an awful thing to wake up from your innocence, and I think a lot of us have.

      4. The real question right now is whether that awakening will be enough to get people out to the polls to vote. That’s the only thing I think that’s going to fix this circus.

  3. Cheryl – yes there has been a vicious monster unleashed with Brexit and Trump. Populism, division, fear, propaganda and hatred are the order of the day. It has clouded peoples’ minds. They are so partisan they no longer think. The politicians are deliberately fuelling that division and various internet sites are peddling blatant lies and exaggeration to rile people up.
    People need to wake up to it. The ones shouting fake news loudest are the biggest purveyors. We need to show with the ballot box that we don’t believe their lies.

    1. So are screams about fake news big over there, too? The one thing that always gets me is when Trump claims something is fake news but you can pull up a video and watch it come out of his mouth — whatever it was that was supposed to be fake! He’s either an idiot or he’s very clever.

      1. Oh yes Cheryl – we have all the exaggerations of the Muslims. They have rape gangs and terrorist cells and they are going to introduce Sharia law. We have no-go areas and knife crime out of control, acid attacks an epidemic. Then we have the Brexit lies from both sides. It t is all based on elements of truth and blown out of proportion for political purposes. The fascist Tommy Robinson is lauded. It has divided the country into different sides based on emotion. Reason and truth are lost in a sea of exaggerations. The trouble is that there are real issues here that need addressing and they are masked by the political exploitations.
        The Tories have brought in huge cuts over ten years and it has resulted in a crime wave. There has been too much immigration too quickly and not enough integration. The Muslims stand out because of their dress and these silly burkas. There has been gangs of mainly Asians who have been grooming young girls. But instead of dealing with the issues it is all hysteria and emotional politics.

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