The Lethal Game – A poem

The Lethal Game


The truth is being used.

When people are hopelessly abused.

Politics and spin. Politics and spin.

Power and wealth. Power and wealth.

It’s a lethal game.

In this post-truth shame.


Opher 19.8.2018



There are a bunch of arrogant people who tell you that they know exactly what is going on. They glean their news from sites that are clean. They boldly tell you that the mainstream lies.

I tell you – no sites are clean.

It’s all a game.

Knowledge is money.

13 thoughts on “The Lethal Game – A poem

  1. But I get the distinct impression that you don’t know where to go. There is a vast centralised network that isn’t interested in left-wing – right-wing and there isn’t any of what you’re claiming here. That is most uneducated of you to suggest that and you are in no position to be telling anybody anything. You are simply another member of that huge group of uninformed and unthinking brigade that thinks in terms of “he’s good and he’s bad”. Just start with your anti-Trump nonsense and your belief of who runs the news media in US. It’s beyond a joke.

    1. I go with me Eric – and I steer clear of those weird sites you seem addicted too. Oh – and I’ve no need for aliases or alternative names either. I write what I feel – not what I pick up from daft internet sites.

      1. Writing about what you feel has nothing to do with the facts of anything.
        But I’d ask if these “feelings” included any knowledge basis.
        For example, did you know that CNN, USA’s largest news media agency and fully controlled by the Democrats, broadcasts anti-Trump vitriol 24 hours a day. The only thing that changes are the presenter’s on shifts.
        No you didn’t, which completely explains why you repeat what you’re been programmed to feel. Christ, you’re so thick!

        You wouldn’t know what or where I deal with. You wouldn’t even begin to start to understand. Because as you admitted yesterday, I think, you know nothing about IT. Therefore, how the fuck are you going to navigate yourself beyond what is controlled by Google? If you don’t understand IT, you haven’t a hope in hell. You’re such static in aspic in Official Media, you bloody clod. Christ, you’re so thick!

        I didn’t realise you needed aliases or alternate names. Why, did you think you did? What purpose would that serve you?
        I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you create one, then make posts at your Opher one, telling him he’s a bit thick! I might even back you up with my post.

      2. Look – you get your garbage from right-wing propaganda sites and go on exaggerating and I’ll speak the truth from my position. Welcome to my blog.

      1. I’d have to agree with that Opher. Yes, you don’t know, because if you can’t get past Google, you’re over. You are getting “The Lethal Game” alright, left, right and centre.
        What the Eric says is absolute fact.
        And I’ll give you just one example for your further perusal.
        Late last year Liz Mackean, a BBC journalist “suddenly died” of a stroke aged 53.
        Despite being a BBC journalist, she had dedicated all her energies into uncovering the tangled web of deceit and lies conducted for years by the BBC, the Police, the CPS and the various local authorities into the activities of nonce loving top brass in the BBC and Police. She was a fully qualified Paedophile Hunter, and the sort of individual that too many people in too many places are terrified of.
        She was very close to finalising her work and whack, down she goes. Just like Jill Dando and for exactly the very same reasons.
        NONE of this gets reported on any mainstream media – these outlets where you think you’re getting “truth” from. All the BBC did was a twenty second “remember Liz” at the end of a broadcast with a photo in a black border and the date 1964 – 2017 written underneath and nothing more said
        Incidentally, since Liz’s death, the Police – now headed by a hand-picked and extreme-leftist, active lesbian, have made known that Paedophile Hunters will now themselves be targeted by the Police as persons of interest due to “vigilante” style unwarranted investigation pursuits, contrary to the Freedom of Information Act.
        Now if you can’t tell me what’s so fucking wrong with that and exactly the sort of thing that Eric was alluding to, well there’s really nothing more to say.
        The ONLY place to find – and this is only one tiny example that I just happened to read about by chance earlier today – is what’s now known as the Dark Web.

        Eric is known to fucking HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people off the main grid and you’re a complete something else for I don’t know why for treating him like that. What are you doing? What are you saying? He even made absolutely clear to you these sites are not left/right wing interest, and look what you go and do?
        There’s no chance of you getting a leg up to these other places now, certainly not through me and I very much doubt Eric either. I couldn’t trust your behaviour and needless finger wagging. You really need to chill out and start thinking a bit more.

  2. I have more to say on that.
    We look for people with blogs, that do more than chatty-chat about knitting patterns.
    We look for people that can HELP to spread the message. We NEED people to start talking the real deal. We need people to STOP reciting the shite they just got told on the lunchtime news.
    We go through the alphabet looking for bloggers. Obviously you’re on the letter O. That’s UK O, that’s all. There’s many other people who do their own countries.
    A lot of blog people close down in fear of getting “into trouble”, which says it all really. They’ve been crushed before they even started.
    Massive rumbles are happening. 2018 is the year of awakening as there are record levels of people now following the Alternative Media and also attending events. The increase from now going back to this time last year is astonishing.
    You should think about getting rid of your blog dross and going A-Political.
    Nobody needs anymore stupid politics, we need smart politics.

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