Christian Priests, Muslims and Sex Abuse – What does it tell us?

Barely a day goes by without a story of sexual abuse from one religious group or another in all parts of the world.

Seemingly a large number of Catholic and Protestant clergy have been involved in the systematic sexual abuse of children for centuries. It has been going on with the knowledge of the community and it has been hidden up.

What does this tell us? It produces more questions than answers.

Are paedophiles attracted to the clergy? Do they worm their way in to gain access to young children and have power over them?

Why is there a condoning of this activity by the hierarchies of the church?

Why did they all try to cover it up?

Why did they all enable it to continue?

Why did the community and victims not speak out louder?

It seems that every time this wicked abuse came to light the guilty parties who carried out the crimes were merely moved somewhere else where they were free to continue their abuse on a new set of victims.

If these religious people were so convinced in the bible and god; if they believed – they truly believed they would be judged by god and punished for their sins why did they commit such heinous sins?

One must assume that they did not believe the scriptures they were peddling – and neither did the hierarchy who covered it up! They were using their congregations.

It is the same with these supposedly Muslim men who have systematically groomed young vulnerable girls. How religious were they?

Did these abusers really believe in the teachings of the Koran? Did they believe that these vulnerable young girls were asking for what they got? Or does the Koran condone the rape of young girls?

Why did the authorities take so long to act?

Was it fear of being called racist?

Was it an attitude towards these girls from difficult backgrounds that they were making choices and deserved what they got?

As an antitheist, who believes all religion does more harm than good, all of this serves to strengthen my views that many people use religion to gain power and wealth and are total hypocrites.

These abusers – Christian and Muslim – are scum. They need locking up. They speak volumes for the hypocrisy of the religions they supposedly represent.

No wonder the power of the church is declining.

28 thoughts on “Christian Priests, Muslims and Sex Abuse – What does it tell us?

  1. Not forgetting Anglicans and Methodists. In 2015, UK Methodists formally apologised for 1,885 cases of abuse over the last 60 years. Adults have also been abused.

    The teachings of the Koran include passages concerning Muhammad’s desire for Aisha which started when she was six years old. He married her when she was seven and consummated the marriage when she was nine. Apparently Aisha was still playing with her dolls.
    The Koran very much does condone this behaviour.
    Refer to passages Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64 and Sahih Muslim 31:5981 which clearly translates as “Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and she was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her, and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old.”

    Yes, the reason from authorities was fear of accusations of racism. Allegedly.
    Some members of the community of Luton did speak very loudly but because they didn’t have qualifications after their names and were working class, they were systematically ignored. The leader was Tommy Robinson, who some stupid people took a dislike to. It’s looking highly likely now that the idiot judge who ordered that draconian jailing from his kangaroo court will more than likely be disrobed and barred from the judiciary. Here’s hoping.

    Many Muslim men regard non-Muslims as ignorant Kafir trash. These Muslim Rape Gangs considered these girls were for abusing. I’m not too sure what you refer to “making choices” but certainly these girls were not being supervised properly by parents or guardians and were often roaming about in town at night time. However, many of the rape parties were held during the day.
    It’s entirely just with them receiving very lengthy sentences.

    1. There is no excuse for paedophilia and long sentences are just reward. A lot of those girls were in care and those institutions need taking through the courts. They weren’t doing their job.
      I don’t agree with you about Tommy Robinson. He has a long history.

      1. Opher, I’m not too sure if you aware what the judiciary thinks about Robinson’s treatment. Never in the history of the UK legal process have they ever received so many complaints. You might be out on a bit of a limb with your opinion.

        I’m absolutely conversant with Robinson’s history – to the letter in fact.

        Let’s hear it then. What info do you have on Robinson’s history. Do tell, I’m looking for some cheap n’ cheerful entertainment.

      2. Do you honestly think you’re qualified to be making any such call? That’s exceptionally bias against the quality of information available to you had you bothered to find it instead of sounding like the Taliban Times.
        His EDL days were some time ago. It was also all he and his friends could do, there was NO other option for such people. All they knew as any form of social activity was football, so they made a group into an extension of that. They were hardly the Brown Shirts. Just a bunch of lads with a banner and a very good cause beef about their town being invaded with Muslim immigrants. This later developed into demonstations against local girls being raped by gangs of Muslims and nobody doing anything about it.
        When you’re not part of the system, not members of a political party (and even if they were it takes years to become recognised), they were without the right qualifications, not in the “right” sort of jobs, living in council estates, some of them had petty crime records, but not Robinson.
        They had everything against them, yet were safe in the knowledge of what was going on in front of their eyes. Just because some folk are a bit thick, non-too intellectual, like, and rough around the edges doesn’t make them stupid, innit?
        There’s you – a fully convicted lefty – and you can’t see where these guys were coming from and what their options were?
        Robinson left the group when other members began to take things too far such as bomb plotting on mosques. Robinson was not any part of that.

        He’s since done a lot of valuable work on behalf of his community, but not necessarily that of the Muslim contingent. They are a disgrace. The people he’s up against in Luton are the most disgusting racist and thoroughly nasty effing bastards I’ve seldom ever come across and that was only seeing them on TV.
        The boy’s a national hero. His best friend, who was also his best-man is dark skinned.
        Millions of people, and that’s no kidding, multi-millions love him for what he is.
        He’s THE TRUTH!

      3. You believe that if you like. What I’ve seen of him has been unpleasant, racist and not something I’d like to be associated with.

      4. How could you be associated? Who’s asking that of you? So by that logic this enables you to ignore the hard facts? That’s a very low level expression of intelligence.
        You’re bullshitting. You’ve seen nothing of him except what the corrupt media gave you.
        Racist? What a most inappropriate term. Islam is not a race issue.
        You should see the sort of people he’s up against.
        Your kind of mentality is exactly that of the people who ignored the problem for all these years.

  2. I am afraid you are allowing you hatred of Islam to inform your intelligence. Tommy is certainly against Islam but he’s a racist who is associated with football hooliganism and the English Defence League – a fascist organisation. You might condone that but I don’t.

    1. Please don’t tell me what I’m informed by. Your living in the dark ages thinking the news is informing you.
      What’s football hooliganism got to do with it? Thousands of young guys like a barny with opposition fans. So what? My mates and I loved it.

      How can he be a racist when his best mate is coloured?
      Of course he’s against Islam. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be?
      Corbyn was associated with the IRA, does that make him a fascist terrorist?
      Corbyn expresses acute vitriol towards Israel, does that make him anti-Semitic?
      This lefty name calling gets you people knee deep in your own shite, doesn’t it?

      1. No I don’t think that Corbyn is anti-Semitic. Having black mates does not stop you from being racist.
        No – I call fascists and racists what they are when I see what they are doing. They are scum.

      2. You consistently misuse these terms.
        I struggle with your black mates analogy. A lot.
        Considering just how easily it is to be getting called out as a racist fascist by the insecure snowflake lefty liberal progressives these days, I must be a racist fascist, too. So must just about everybody else I know.

        Yes exactly, Corbyn is about as anti-Semitic as Robinson is a racist fascist.
        Please stop playing silly buggers.

      3. What bothers most people that are not subject to handing out abusive terms upon others unthinkingly and with little regard to the construct of definition of these terms, is the ease in which this seems to be the practice engaged by the Jellyhead Generation, the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) of this world. These people are the bane of humanity.

      4. So what’s your motive in all this tirade of negative abuse? What is it that you are hoping to achieve? What’s with these stereotyping put-downs and arrogant statements? What do you want? – people to fall down at your feet and wonder at your inciteful knowledge?
        All I can say is that you weren’t there and despite anything you can read swot up and gather your conspiracy theories about you’ll never feel it and you’ll never know. Being there is what counts.
        If you don’t like being told what it was like go elsewhere. You seem to spend a lot of time trying to pour negativity over my blog don’t you?
        Nothing better to do? An empty life?

      5. It’s yourself who is handing out the tirade of negative abuse. It’s you who can’t seem to be able to see past your own twitching net curtains. I just think it’s a load of bollocks that you’re such a closed shop and a total downer on someone who’s done his very best to expose all these fuckers that needed exposing. And all you’re doing is exactly what they do – they castigate and abuse him with names such as Islamophobe and Racist, all the armour shackles of the unthinking leftist brigade – the damnable bane of humanity.

        Surely we’re (as in not these corrupt council fuckers) smarter than that?

  3. You do lack some common sense.
    I said you were handing out negative abuse towards Tommy Robinson, for no better reason than your own personal bigotry manifested by media channels whom taught you to think that way. They apparently succeeded.

    Did it never cross your mind why Robinson works very closely with Quilliam, a London-based left-of-centre think tank that focuses on counter-extremism, specifically against Islamism, which it argues represents a desire to impose a given interpretation of Islam on society. He is evidently not racist.

    There is evidently something very misappropriated towards your understanding.

    1. Yes I watched that. He’s very clever and there’s some good points. The press are disgusting, Islam is a nasty religion and Tommy Robinson is a fascist.

  4. And this evening’s results are in…
    … Eric 9, Opher 0
    That’s debating in short measure detail for you Opher.
    That’s how you win debates, by knowing what you are talking about.
    Had I been you, I’da given up after about his third reply as I could see my thorough fucking over coming a mile off.

  5. “many people use religion to gain power and wealth and are total hypocrites” your very right about this statement. Religion has been misused for centuries to control and abuse people through intimidation and lies. However, I find comfort in knowing that this is due to the disobedience of God’s word. Like you said, if these men truly believed they would receive serious consequences for their actions they would refrain from doing it and seek the mental help they need. Jehovah God promises to rid the earth of wicked men (Psalms 37:10,11). I look forward to that time and will continue to pray for the victims.

    1. Religion has always been misused by some Heather. People select which bits of ‘god’s words’ that suits their aims. I too look forward to when those wicked men get their comeuppance but I don’t expect any divine intervention on that or anything else.
      The victims need all the help they can get.

  6. Aug 20th 8:24 AM
    Opher said “Me handing out negative abuse on my own blog??? LOL.”

    Aug 22nd
    Opher said “A while ago I upset someone by challenging their racism and not agreeing with their right-wing take on Brexit and Trump. Their agenda was one of extreme Islamophobia.”

    Yes, you have been handing out negative abuse.

    They had no such agenda of any extreme Islamphobia and you had challenged nothing. You lost … heavily … remember?

    What they do have is an extremely more attuned understanding of Islamic issues than you will ever have, because if you cared to pay attention to what was being conveyed to you, they had been married to a Muslim for a period of time and had worked in the Islamic world for many years. They know more about it than you ever will.
    I remember that while ago very well as I was regularly following proceedings. Needless to say it was very seldom if ever if you had anything of interest to say. All you prefer to want to talk about is yourself and you aren’t the least bit interesting.

    However, the fact of the matter is that you challenged nothing. They had severely spanked your arse red raw. You were completely unable to compete on any level, be it intellectually or through an accurate supply of knowledge. They left you with your trousers around your ankles looking like a chimpanzee.
    You responded with loud squeals of injustice that you were the proud owner of an IQ score of 154, yet had failed his 11-plus. At least one part of that information provided by yourself is false. I find that to be hysterically amusing.

    You completely failed on every level, on every turn against this person and I don’t think you will ever get over it or live it down. At least not to my eyes.
    I used to sit howling and crying laughing at their replies to you. Their acid wit was utterly devastating and you obviously had no idea how to handle it.
    How can you sit there today feeling like such a pompous ass?
    Inventing your own fake news. Not very cool, is it?

      1. It is very evident that there is a great deal more than you imagined. If you drew a graph on the arrests of Islamic child rapists it would be a straight line. Upon the arrival of the EDL that graph line immediately shot upwards. Yet for some reason you feel it necessary to charge them as racist. They are not and very similar to yourself, they are social justice warriors.

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