Christian Priests, Muslims and Sex Abuse – What does it tell us?

Abuse is rife. Why is it being condoned?

Opher's World

Barely a day goes by without a story of sexual abuse from one religious group or another in all parts of the world.

Seemingly a large number of Catholic and Protestant clergy have been involved in the systematic sexual abuse of children for centuries. It has been going on with the knowledge of the community and it has been hidden up.

What does this tell us? It produces more questions than answers.

Are paedophiles attracted to the clergy? Do they worm their way in to gain access to young children and have power over them?

Why is there a condoning of this activity by the hierarchies of the church?

Why did they all try to cover it up?

Why did they all enable it to continue?

Why did the community and victims not speak out louder?

It seems that every time this wicked abuse came to light the guilty parties…

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