What a pig’s ear the Tories have made of Brexit!

Isn’t it obvious what they should have done? (Apart from not do it in the first place).

With something as momentous as this Theresa May should have formed a cross-party group and thrashed out what sort of Brexit we wanted prior to pushing the button and starting the clock going.

Why didn’t she?

The answer is also quite obvious – she put her own lust for power first, the Tory Party second and the country a very distant third.

May stupidly decided to go in with the hard-line Brexiteers even though she did not really think they were sane. It provided her with political survival. She then decided to trigger Article 50 in order to have that ticking clock so that she could keep her hopelessly divided party under control.

She gambled on the stakes being so high that they’d have to toe the line. She was wrong every step of the way. Result – mayhem.

What she didn’t realise was that they are not rational beings. They would rather see the country in ruins rather than give up their utopian vision – no matter how stupid and unachievable it was.

Now we are two years on and still unclear as to what Brexit we’re heading for. The country has been thrown into the turmoil of uncertainty, firms are bailing out, investment is stagnant, growth is moribund, the pound has dived and the Tory Party is in chaos.

Things could fold at any minute. We could have complete loonies like Rees-Mogg, Boris or Gove in charge or even the nauseous Hunt. What a prospect!

In all likelihood we will have a general election. What will that do to the process now that stupid May has triggered the end and we’ve just got months to go?

What a selfish idiot she has been.

At least Corbyn would step in with realistic plans and we might be able to resurrect a reasonable Brexit that would be detrimental to Britain but not the disaster that Rees-Mogg and the hard-right are having wet dreams about.

Looking at the options I say lets get that election out the way sooner rather than later and see if Corbyn can sort the mess out!

2 thoughts on “What a pig’s ear the Tories have made of Brexit!

  1. I always hate to say it but I told friends before the referendum, it will be a terrible mess. It’s now an unholy cock up! I spoke to a Welsh woman on the plane out. Never make judgements on anyone reading The Sun at airports! ( It’s free!) She was so upset and concerned about Brexit and knew for real the impact as some of her family work for Airbus. A people’s vote is also needed.

    1. An unmitigated disaster whichever way you look at it. I really do not believe that the right-wing nationalists really care about the country or the people. I think we need another vote.

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