It Doesn’t Matter – A poem about the excessive capitalism that is destroying the world and creating misery.

In the land where money talks
all that matters is the bottom line.
You can bully and cheat
open a strip mine – it’ll be fine!
Money talks! The mantra of the rich.
For the poor – life’s just a bitch!
But who give a damn if you can fleece them of a cent
And pay enough bribes so the law gets bent?
One rule for them and another for me
That’s what it’s like in the land of the free!

It doesn’t matter how you get your hands on the stash
What misery you cause as you chop and you slash!
Winners and losers is the name of the game
And the guys that win feel no shame.
They’ve cauterised their conscience and lost their way
It’s black and white and never grey.
You fight to survive – to see another day
And that’s what it’s come to in the USA!

Opher 6.6.2018

I wrote this in response to the conservative thinking people in the USA. All that matters to them is money. They support Trump because they think he makes money. They don’t care if he is an uncouth bully. They do not care if he exploits. They do not care if he is racist and misogynistic. They are racist and misogynistic themselves. He is reflecting their mind-set. They like the way he encourages violence. They respond to the fear he generates with hate. In the land of winners and losers money is all that counts.

Trump has exploited the fear and ramped it up. The country is being swamped with illegal immigrants. The white Anglo-Saxon culture is at risk. They are under attack from Mexican invasion and Islamic terrorism. Europe is lost.

It is the same tactics that were used in Britain in the Brexit campaign. These immigrants are all terrorists, rapists and criminals – they are bringing in kids to be part of sex rings.

We have lost sight of the fact that most of these people are desperately trying to escape war zones or economic deserts where there is no hope. They just want to escape to a refuge. They want a better life for themselves and their kids. They want a quiet life. They need help.

Trump and Brexit both homed in on the same wound and pulled it open.

7 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter – A poem about the excessive capitalism that is destroying the world and creating misery.

  1. I love this poem and I agree with your thoughts. The more important question is how should we change the world and what should we seek to replace the current economic model. By kindness, decency and co-operation as opposed to naked greed that’s for sure. Its all darwinian. The fox in your garden and the birds in the bushes behave in exactly the same way in their realms. Our very nature is what has created the society we live in. Perhaps we deserve it. Sadly the utopian experiments of the various socialist regimes throughout the past century have only created greater misery and mass death.

    The solution is not going to pop up any time soon.

    1. I think things work in cycles. At the moment it is the cycle of fear, greed, selfishness and hate. There will come a time for love, compassion and friendliness. That is when we have a chance of changing the game.
      That you for your support.

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