We are all part of everything!

As a biologist I know that we are part of the environment. We live in an ecosystem. We are part of that ecosystem. There is not a special environment for human beings. We are dependant on the whole thing.

Right now we are destroying that ecosystem at a terrifying pace.

I personally would hate to see the demise of hedgehogs, frogs, toads, lizards and slowworms. I would hate not to see swifts and swallows wheeling in the air or not hear the chorus of songbirds.

I would hate to find we had slaughtered all the rhinos, chimps, gorillas, elephants, tigers, lions and tens of thousands of other wonderful creatures. And we are killing them all.

That loss would make our lives all the poorer.

But what will affect us just as much is the alteration to our climate, our weather, the water, food and atmosphere. We are degrading and losing soil, fresh water and fish. We are dramatically altering the planet.

Now you might not care about it; you might selfishly say that it won’t affect you much, but it sure as hell will affect your children and grandchildren and it affects all of us in terms of impoverishment of our lives. Nature is life affirming and renews the spirit. We’re making the world more sterile, plastic and uniform. That is a huge loss.

8 thoughts on “We are all part of everything!

  1. My back garden sure is looking good. I’ve just got to deal with that little brown patch on the bottom right of the picture and everything will be quite perfect. I’ll have it sorted by tomorrow.

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