Nothing is Surplus – A Poem

Nothing is Surplus


Nothing is surplus

Nothing wasted

Nothing less

Nothing greater


From virus to dinosaur

It is all a piece

Within a giant jigsaw


Opher 23.6.2018



I am always amazed by the way nature interlocks. Evolution has filled every niche with the right choice. They are so complicated and sophisticated. Everything has its place.

More time than we can imagine has created such a wonderfully intricate jigsaw.

What distresses me most is the cavalier way we dismantling it.

8 thoughts on “Nothing is Surplus – A Poem

  1. You are so right, Opher. It all connects. When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park, the impact over the years was startling, and far more than anyone realized. Even the landscape returned to it’s original beauty. All good, because one of the domino pieces was put back in place.

    1. Jennie it is so strange how the ecosystem is at once delicate and yet robust. It is complex and sophisticated and yet adaptable. I think it is presently at breaking point. When we are gone it will heal. Or maybe we’ll grow up?

  2. Dismantling is a good word. It sure seems as if some people have deliberately set out to do that. What do they think they’ll gain, I wonder. As humans we seldom do anything that doesn’t get us something in return. cynical, I know…

    1. Cheryl – I think it’s a disease. They think short-term. They believe their wealth and power will bring them fulfilment. They are prepared to sacrifice the whole planet so they can live in luxury.

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