Leaf and Scale – a poem

Leaf and Scale


Leaf and scale

Eye and tail

Precious  Precious




Precious  Precious


Bud and tree

Petal and bee

Precious  Precious


Fin and feather

Fawn and heather

Special  Special


Whale and ant

Fauna and plant

Special  Special


Brain and brawn

Shrimp and prawn

Special  Special


Limb and life

Husband and wife

Special  Special


Awe and wonder

No kill or plunder

Precious  Precious


Planet and sky

Sun on high

Precious  Precious


Forest and air

Bluebell and bear

Special  Special


Water and rock

Hen and cock

Special  Special


Earth and worm

Virus and germ

Precious Precious


Warmth and light

Oxygen and sight

Precious  Precious




Precious  Special  Unique


Opher 25.6.2018



Leaf and Scale


The whole of our biosphere is one amazing event and utterly unique. Every bit of it is special and precious.

If only we could stand back and see how miraculous it is and worship every last piece of this incredible jigsaw of life.

Instead we treat it with disdain and destroy it with derision, contempt and callous disregard.

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