A brief look into the future of transport.

The driverless revolution is knocking at the door!

Car ownership will cease.

Cars will be pooled and dialled up when required.

All deliveries and freight will be driverless.

There will be no need for traffic police, road signs or traffic lights.

Cars will become social areas.

There will be no need for car parks.

The streets will not be cluttered with parked cars.

Car travel will be much safer.

I’m not sure that I’ll enjoy it as much!

6 thoughts on “A brief look into the future of transport.

  1. You’ve gone way ahead of yourself.
    I can’t think for a second that I’d be giving up driving my Jag and don’t know anybody who owns a Jag or any really great car that wouldn’t be driving it. Classic cars will never go out of fanatical appreciation or operation. But it probably helps were one to actually own and to be able to drive one.
    I’d also question how successful such a concept would work on B-roads and in countryside locations with one-track roads. Basically, it wouldn’t.
    You must have given your written content of this post all of three seconds “brief” thought otherwise you may not have forgotten about Emergency Services vehicles, where real-in-the-flesh Paramedics are a prerequisite. What about motorcycles and bicycles?
    Considering at present bicycles are being given absolute precedence within today’s town planning schemes, traffic controls will still be very much of a required facility and given the future expected numbers of people using bicycles for town transport, all the more essential contrary to your precis. Won’t they be needing any traffic lights and roads signs? I think so. What about the consequences of computer grid failure, won’t there be any alternative if need be?

    Moreover, by the time any of this comes into fruition we will already have moved onto alternative transport, more than likely air-borne, such as featured in the film titled as Metropolis, made in 1927. We’re only 91 years behind that concept. Driverless transport will most probably be used for freight transport but not for people as we’ll be transporting around in air.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you regard yourself of something of a science fiction writer? Yet your advocating such an old fashioned nonentity as driverless cars? LOL. May I remind you that we’ve already rocketed into 2018!

    1. Of course I’m a Sci-fi writer Andrew. But this is not Sci-fi. This is reality.
      I only jotted down a few of the possibilities.
      I think this process will start very soon and gain great momentum. It will run on a uber model. Cities will ban all other than electric cars from their centres. London will probably extend its congestion charge out to the M25. That will start the ball rolling.
      There is absolutely no problem with B roads. Once the glitches have been ironed out it will be safe and efficient.

      I think that car ownership will dive. Some people will always want cars and will pay for the privilege. They’ll keep their jags for a while.
      Some time in the future, when traffic lights are done away with, those jags will have to be fitted with the appropriate technology to enable the negotiating of junctions.

      Once the cars are sorted with this technology it stands to reason that we would then move into a more futuristic airborne system.
      Interesting developments. I think the changes will come thick and fast.

      1. Oh man, I ain’t no prince. Why do I keep seeing this guy’s name allocated to half of your replies?

        Very soon you think? No. It won’t be very soon. Unfortunately there was a slight drawback to development where the last round of tests for driverless cars were a disaster. They crashed! Didn’t you read about it?

        Glitches on B roads ironed out? One track roads? Ha ha bloody ha ha.
        You can’t ever have used a GPS in Wales, boyo, have you? They can’t get that right so why the faith in driverless?

        What happens in adverse weather conditions?
        Because they (the inventors) haven’t got to that bit as yet. Amazing isn’t it.

        London is a shockingly bad example to be using here as it’s a disaster area for cars.
        There are other cities that for years now have huge pedestrian areas where nothing on four wheels, except emergency vehicles get near.
        Why are thinking on such an insular level, such as the M25?
        The entire western world will have to go electric all at the same time. Why? Because the demands of car manufacturing and spare parts are not something they do piecemeal as it’s a massive business and requires massive scale infrastructure.
        Just the redesign of transport trucks and their implementation will be a multi-billion pound turnaround cost.

        We already pay for the privilege of owning a Jag. Insurance and road tax, for a start.
        Servicing, upkeep and running costs are also high. Way more than the average family saloon or tin box people carrier.
        Did you say my Jag would need to be “fitted with appropriate technology”.? Are you serious?
        You can’t ever have seen inside a Jaguar car. My Jag tells me how far a distance I have until the next stop, what speed I need to do in order to stop without braking too hard, parking distances, you name it, every feature you can think off (or perhaps not be able to think of). I’ve got at least three quarters of all that stuff switched off. Why do they cost what they cost? Because they are absolutely fucking fantastic.
        I bet you’re driving a Shanay!

  2. You’re beginning to appear like a real complete psychotic dickhead, aren’t you?
    OK, so I knocked your post into the ether, but you could still get my name right?

    1. You couldn’t knock anything could you? It’s like having a conversation with a delinquent gorilla.
      I do not for one minute think you are who you claim to be. I know exactly who you are. And you call me psychotic. Read what you put down! You have something wrong in the head. Connect your brain cell up for heavens sake. You’re an embarrassment.

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