What happened to Philanthropy or Social Conscience??

If you were earning 943,000 pounds a year would you need incentives and bonuses?

Of course you would!

Mike Coupe, the boss of Sainsbury, who have just merged with Asda has just received 427,000 pounds bonus!

But that wasn’t enough! He received 1,800,000 pounds in share deals!!

In order to get his bonus he had to slash the pay of 9,000 of his workers, take away paid breaks and restrict bonuses!

So the boss receives a 2,000,000 pound bonus for successfully making his staff work harder for less!

Just think what a difference those pay cuts will have on low paid workers.

This is what his staff get:

Position Hourly Pay Rate Annual Salary
Sales Assistant £6.50 £13,000
Customer Service Assistant £7.00 £13,500
Team Leader £8.50 £15,500
Department Manager £13.00 £26,000

Boss                                                                            3,000,000

Some man!!

It’s tough at the top!!

No wonder he was caught on camera singing ‘We’re in the Money’.

Just think what a 200 pound bonus would mean to all those poor assistants on minimum wage!!

While the wages of his staff all go down Mr Coupe has received a 46% pay rise.

It’s OK. This isn’t unusual. The finance chief at Sainsbury’s receives 1,400,000 pound and John Rogers, the Argos boss, had a pay jump from 1,600,000 pounds to 2,200,000 pounds.

Maybe you think this is alright??

Under the Tories it seems austerity only applies to us ordinary folk like teachers and nurses.

12 thoughts on “What happened to Philanthropy or Social Conscience??

  1. The National Living Wage increased April 1st 2018
    For 25 year olds it rose from £7.50 to £7.83, but only if you are 25 or over.
    Workers aged 21-24 are now paid a minimum of £7.38
    For 18-20 it’s now £5.90
    For under 18s it’s £4.20
    For apprentices under 19 it’s £3.70

    So I suggest that your given figures as expressed above are now out of date.

    Sainsbury’s, Asda and Argos have nothing to do with any political party. These are privately owned conglomerate companies and nobody runs them but themselves.
    What their boards of directors decide to pay out to their chief executives is their business. We all have the choice of not shopping in them. I don’t.

    1. Well they are the current figures taken off the net Andrew. If they are out of date they should upgrade them shouldn’t they?
      Do you think that political parties have nothing to do with it? I hope the bosses are enjoying the tax cuts they were given.
      I do not think there is much difference between any of them, do you? Argos, Sainsbury and Asda are just examples. The principle is the same.
      I don’t support them and neither do I support the system that produces such obscenity.

      1. Opher, will you please p*** off calling me Andrew. He’s him and I’m me – or are you really as retarded as Andrew indicates you to be? Seriously, no wonders he gives you the bums rush, man, are you fucking irritating or what?

        The short and sweet is – your figures are out of date. See the 1st April 2018 figures, that’s the one’s you need. Don’t blame the internet, blame yourself for not even knowing that the “current figures” were amended on 1st April. It was ALL over the news.

      2. Andrew I don’t give a fuck what you think. I took my figures today off the web. I don’t even give a shit if they are slightly out. The principle is unchanged – or are you going to tell me they all suddenly got a thousand pound an hour increase? I think not. So stop being such a nerd.

    2. The public will go where the bargains are to be found regardless of the background history behind those cheaper goods. Many imported goods are made abroad under slave conditions and often by children but those oppressed workers have little choice it’s a question of survival.
      We generally look up the pyramid of wealth and bemoan our lot and we seldom look down and count our blessings.
      In the UK I am below the poverty line yet in global terms my income is in the top 2%. The top 1%consists of 75 million persons most of these live in the rich western democracies.

  2. Another thing Opher.
    Here you are questioning where Philanthropy and Social Conscience have disappeared to, yet you accuse people who ask questions and want answers about Pakistani rape gangs who are raping vulnerable young British girls as being Neo-Nazis?
    Something doesn’t quite add up here.

    1. No – try again. I’m not against people asking questions. I’m against people inciting hatred, stereotyping and trying to exaggerate. Different altogether. NeoNazis are NeoNazis. You support them if you like.

  3. Good grief, Opher. That was some exchange – reminds me of the G6+1 meeting in Quebec this past weekend. Anyway, your point is well taken that the earnings figures in big business are obscene. Ontario just elected a new conservative government to run the province – and they run education, so we’ll see what kind of cut and slash campaign they run.

    1. Hey John, you only got the tip of the iceberg. I’ve started deleting the offensive unpleasantness from my resident troll. He appears in many guises.
      Yes it is quite obscene what is happening to the pay of bosses and staff. While workers are getting squeezed bosses are soaring to new heights. It is utterly immoral.
      I hope you are well. I haven’t seen much from you lately.

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