If The Cap Fits – for Trolls everywhere!

There are always those who are keen to drag you down. There are those who would rather destroy than build.

The cowards who hide behind multiple personas. Hypocrites and psychopaths. Schizo maniacs.

To all the nasty minded scum lurking out there – here’s Bob Marley for you. You know who you are – proud of yourself?

“Who The Cap Fit”

Man to man is so unjust, children:
Ya don’t know who to trust.
Your worst enemy could be your best friend,
And your best friend your worse enemy.Some will eat and drink with you,
Then behind them su-su ‘pon you.
Only your friend know your secrets,
So only he could reveal it.
And who the cap fit, let them wear it!
Who the cap fit, let them wear it!
Said I throw me corn, me no call no fowl;
I saying, “Cook-cook-cook, cluk-cluk-cluk.”

Some will hate you, pretend they love you now,
Then behind they try to eliminate you.
But who Jah bless, no one curse;
Thank God, we’re past the worse.
Hypocrites and parasites
Will come up and take a bite.
And if your night should turn to day,
A lot of people would run away.
And who the stock fit let them wear it!
Who the (cap fit) let them (wear it)!

And then a-gonna throw me corn,
And then a-gonna call no fowl,
And then a-gonna “Cook-cook-cook, cluk-cluk-cluk.”

[Instrumental break]

Some will eat and drink with you,
Then behind them su-su ‘pon you, yeah!
And if night should turn to day, now,
A lot of people would run away, yeah!
And who the cap fit, let them wear it!
Who the cap fit, let them wear it!
Throw me corn, me no call no fowl;
A-saying: “Cook-cook-cook, cluk-cluk-cluk.”
… : “Cook-cook-cook, cluk-cluk-cluk.”
Throw me corn (cook-cook-cook);
Me call no fowl (cluk-cluk-cluk)

34 thoughts on “If The Cap Fits – for Trolls everywhere!

  1. I’m sorry… I just feel if these folks think they’re so right, why do they have to hide behind fake names? That gives them no credibility at all in my mind. It just makes me feel they are bullies out to make themselves feel better at someone else’s expense. They just want to have a pissin’ contest to see whose “trunk” is bigger. (Sorry for the crass language, Opher.) I’m not a Brit and I have no clue who is right or wrong, but the are a totally put off for their side.

    1. They are very unpleasant Cheryl – all manner of threats and abuse. A whole string of nasty vitriol. I know who is behind it and I think he must be really sick in the head. It is extremely unpleasant.
      I think it is all fall-out from Brexit and Trump. Anyone who speaks out has to be silenced. That’s the nature of bullies.
      Still – it is easy to just press the button and get rid of the abuse.

      1. No I haven’t heard from Jill in a while. I’ll have a look. But I do not think debate is in their vocabulary. Too arrogant for that.

      2. Opher, I recently came across your blog just by sheer chance and to be honest I just can’t figure you out at all. Whilst I completely respect opinion, what I find immediately lacking is an encompassing understanding of how a certain situation was arrived at. In short, you do not seem to understand the full extent of gravity of the situation in America as left by the last administration. There is very good reason why someone with the acumen of Donald Trump was able to gain the presidency. He is a success story. Period.
        I feel it might be appropriate at this juncture to include some female American third party clarity subjective. I have never made comment on your blog. By sheer coincidence I read perhaps three entries yesterday and was amused to note your reaction to one other poster who did in fact cover his facts and figures with a narrative of accuracy. Whereas, you to say the least did not.

        I would cite the case in hand regards the current President of the USA, Mr. Donald Trump, whom I was able to figure out that you have nothing but vitriol and contempt for, yet these attributes were supplied to you and you unthinkingly took them all on board. Isn’t that exactly the same process employed to children with regards religious teachings? It is certainly far removed from what I would expect of a cognitive and supposedly intelligent mature adult.
        Now regardless of all the silliness and negative vitriol bandied around by the more liberal and what you would term “leftist” contingent of our media, of which there are no shortage of takers, it would not take a genius to work out that this in fact has been made into one whopping huge industry. The corruption of third party interest in US politics has now reached proportions never envisaged before nor possible, but since the invention of these new media techniques, need I list them all?, we are barraged 24/7 with the most insane commentary manifested by the most divisive, twisted, self-promoted, self-congratulatory, squealing gaggle of fools ever assembled. The tonnage of crap spewing forth from this collective sewer is galling and overwhelming. We see a swarm ingress of similar gaining focus of attention on multiple TV media outlets which in due course channels out abroad to the other 195 nations. Your little British Isles seems to be an avid subscriber if the BBC are anything of an indicator. Whatever happened to “real” news such as that produced by Reuters?

        It would appear that there are no shortages of the very easily perturbed and particularly to matters in relation to relations with the opposite sex. It is seemingly too much that DT bought himself a hooker when he was between wives. Who cares if he denies it, who the hell wouldn’t? Did nobody notice that the trollop’s out for all the media expenses exposure that she can get? Just wait for her book, oh, and the sequel. Seriously people, wakey wakey. Had he been Jon Bon Jovi on tour, he would be getting Stud of the Year. What these sobbing petals also haven’t even thought about – probably because they were never cool enough to be there – is that almost every young man in his final year placement at university as part of the ritualistic program does himself a hooker. Hooker’s are really no big deal at all in USA, but as sure as eggs are eggs, I can see that they might be considered absolutely taboo by the closeted set back over in Britain. Stiff-upper lip and all that, waxed moustache et all. I know that London has got one street in Soho offering some “light entertainment” whereas we have cities. So I can immediately see where the furore stems from.
        We have our buttoned-up-to-the neck lot here too, safely tucked up in old Boston, Utah, Wyoming and swinging Pennsylvania.
        These very same deficient individuals squeal like piglets over accusations of misogyny. Now to make credible claim that DT was a misogynist is to instantly delete from the record the number of women that he has employed as CEO’s, Asst. CEO”s, Operations Directors, General Managers, Asst. General Managers within his wide breadth of commercial operations. He employs thousands of extremely qualified and capable women and such slanderous abuse is an extreme insult to these individuals, but hey, stupid dumb people never think about others, just what insults they want to fling in support of their mental shortcomings. What’s new? They tend to forget that they appear even dumber than they sound. They stop short of taking their penis out in public.
        Or is that they must have lived an extremely closeted existence? I think so.
        My sister’s boss has a general hello greeting to all his closest female work colleagues that never ceases to be a source of amusement, at least to those not dying with obtuse sensibilities, where he greets them with “well, he she comes vagina first”.
        If you don’t get it, too bad. We ain’t working for the Church of Bleeding Souls.
        We women are just as tough and we don’t need the bleeding hearts from the whimps club, thanks but no thanks.

        The fact of the matter is that a number of extremely dishonest persons from the last administration left the USA in a damned disgrace of a mess. We tooled around messing about with a foreign policy courtesy of that megalomaniac, the dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton, whom would have invaded Westminster’s Houses of Parliament if it had served her ideals. The Democrats lost focus of their own back yard and boy, did everyone who wasn’t financially self sufficient suffer. The worst atrocity was the unbelievably deceitful actions of our last President, humpty-dumpty Obama, who had about as much clout as grandmother’s handbag. Upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for writing a book (?) that he and everyone else already knew he never actually wrote himself, he returned home to USA and proceeded to instigate the most massive and comprehensive Nuclear Arms program that commenced at a minimum budget of one trillion dollars and counting. I could continue to list the misdemeanors committed by this administration for the next three weeks.
        Btw, he and his crazy greedy coterie of lying bastards left USA some 30 trillion dollars in debt.
        Meanwhile the black population suffered in the north-east and the south and the law abiding and industrious Latino population in the east were swarmed with illegal immigrant gang culture and the establishment of ghettos where crime escalated to astronomical proportions.
        Naturally, of course, there exist sufficient numbers of people who are objecting to the steps taken to reduce mass illegal entry. That said, the building of walls was instigated some years ago by the Democrats. Whatever, that’s how many people operate, like headless reactionary chickens who forgot all about what happened last week. It’s like national ADD.

        I’ve said too much already and probably wasted the last 9 minutes of my life.
        Good luck.

      3. Elizabeth – I’ve read your piece and see where you are coming from. However I do not agree with it.
        I base my opinion of Trump on what he says and does. I’m appalled by his attitude towards the environment, his rudeness and crassness, his deregulation and tax cutting. In fact there is nothing I’ve seen or heard from him that makes sense. Stupid walls (that can’t possibly work) and stupid foreign policy that is dangerous.

      4. But the point is Opher, you cannot possibly base anything on this perception of rudeness or crassness – whatever that may be. Some, many people in the US senate need told in no uncertain terms to get going – and he does that.
        This is not politics run by the old ladies sewing society, but hard-boiled real deal with millions of people’s livelihoods at state – and you expect some “nice guy” to achieve that? We’re all too long in the tooth and thirty trillion in debt for niceties. You have to understand every facet of that.

        You should not be appalled by DT’s attitude towards the environment. You should be more appalled by the lies concocted for financial profit by so-called scientific agencies who colluded with each other to spearhead a brand new industry for themselves with a never ending money stream flooding in. The fact that DT has expressed an attitude of uncertainty and suspicion towards these agencies does not actually best reflect actions and you would be best served to remind yourself of that. If you were to actually read the Paris Agreement from cover to cover you would discover a wealth of most dubious claims. It seems that DT’s people tore it apart and insisted if we’re going to do this properly let’s do it properly, and not on a wing and a prayer. But of course nobody talks about that. You read the headlines and you believed the headlines. Your fail.
        Deregulation from the state gives open-house opportunities to multitudes of other more than capable businesses to compete in the market rather than one government controlled and completely corrupt agency. So you have a serious deficit of facts here.
        Tax cutting, I don’t know if you are aware but every US citizen/business no matter where they earn money in this world pays US tax levies. You Brits don’t. So if tax cuts are given to businesses for future investment they will be used to garner future growth. You think they swing off for a month of cocktails in Hawaii with it? You must be deluded. The IRS monitor every given cent.
        Some 83% of the nation would disagree with you on “stupid walls”. They are working to such that over three million illegals in total were repatriated just last year and this year.
        Foreign policy? You don’t know what the foreign policy is. Nobody knows! So how do you? The only aspects of foreign policy so far disclosed are two-fold, Iran will not be able to develop a nuclear weapon (hardly a new subject) and North Korea will not either, nor continue to threaten the peninsula. I don’t think the world has too much problem with either of these objectives.
        The point in question being it is never dangerous to tell somebody “no”, but it certainly could be dangerous by saying “yes”. So I immediately detect a seriously skewed understanding on your part of what exactly is being done here.

        Alas, I’m beginning now to fully understand the frustrations of others that have attempted discourse with you. You’re going to need a lot more than you’ve got in order to compete.

      5. Elizabeth – you might not think that opening up national parks and Alaska for mining and oil is not a big thing. I do.
        You might think that global warming is concocted I don’t – and I do not think pulling out of treaties such as the Paris agreement is a small thing.
        You might think that promoting polluting fossil fuel industry and reducing or removing pollution legislation is good – I don’t. I think it’s appalling.
        You might think that it’s OK for a president to support fascist organisations or the NRA but I don’t.
        You might think that making silly tweets about Rocket Man and having a bigger nuclear button is good diplomacy. I don’t.
        You might play down all the misogynist behaviour and racist attitudes that he displays. I don’t.
        I watched him perform as he stirred up the hatred and division. It was like watching the Nazis at work.
        All this bilge about fake news when most of what he puts out is a lie. It’s Goebbels all over again. We can’t believe experts? Really? We’d rather go with our gut instinct??? Really?? There is no global warming.
        Pulling out of the Iran agreement was wrong. They were open to full investigation. Renegotiate maybe.
        Pulling out of Korea talks was stupid.
        Moving the embassy to Jerusalem was provocative and stupid. He has no knowledge of what is going on.
        No. I’m not impressed with anything the man has done. He is stirring up hatred and division.
        Trump for me is a symbol of the decline of America. The lack of investment in education has resulted in an ignorant, superstitious country. Now you’re paying the price.

      1. Most of the time I use my real name, Cheryl. Started the blog with Calen four years ago because I was deeply into learning Quenya. Interesting language Tolkien came up with. I’m a huge fan. I see your first response is to be snarky. THAT is my point.

      2. Opher: short for Annabell, just as you shorten yours to something less religiously pious. Problem? What’s rude about feeding back another’s words? They were her words, not mine!

        Calensariel/Cheryl: not snarky just matter of fact. The fact that you can’t see what you did there yet criticise for it getting a poke, is snarky in itself. Is it that time of the month? Don’t nware over it.

      3. As I said, Calensariel was four years ago. I now use my name. When starting a blog for the first time, most people like to get their feet wet to see how it’s going to go. 🙂

      4. Opher, read her post. Can’t you see the hypocrisy? I poked fun at it.
        Don’t you people have any bloody sense of humour? I can understand the American might struggle as she appears to struggle with everything that isn’t airy-fairy, but a Brit? Is this where we’ve got to now? Completely strangled with leftist PC?
        Looks like from lately that you’re wearing leftist PC indelibly stamped on your forehead. Poor thing.

      5. No Annie – you do not understand what Cheryl was referring to. There have been a large number of trolling posts under various names with puerile content, nasty abuse, rudeness and threatening all manner of things. I don’t take kindly to be threatened with my bank being drained of money, kiddie porn put on my computer and various other unpleasant things. The person who hides behind these nasty posts has been hiding behind various aliases.
        All very unpleasant and not at all funny. My sense of humour is a little strained when dealing with obnoxious bullies.

      6. God, you are so bloody tiresome. One comment and it’s WW3.
        Why don’t you speak for yourself Opher and not for me. I did in fact fully understand which is why I poked fun in the first place.
        If this is how you do deal with people and your temper is so strained then maybe you shouldn’t do this sort of thing. You need to be all things to all people and you are definitely not even close to that. You must have really pissed them off to be getting kiddie porn put on your computer. If I were you I’d get the hell out quick and stop begging for it.

        But what on earth has my joke comment got to do with your problems? I wasn’t even posting to you in the first place. There you go…feet first…think later. Cool.

      7. It’s no threat. It’s for real.
        Do you understand how computers work?
        You’ve been dumped into as soon as you switched on earlier this morning.
        No, the files are not ready visible and unmarked.
        If your police find this stuff, you’ll be going down.
        You can sing tunes with Rolf and Gary.
        You need to scrub everything, every file, every program.
        A $300 bill beats jail time. Every time.

        Best you keep your fucking big mouth shut and quit insulting Americans.
        Understand that fast.
        Do it again and it’s your bank and credit rating.
        You got off real lightly. Nemesis #1 wanted to destroy you.
        Remember, we’re always watching.
        Go easy now.

      8. No Annie (if it is Annie) – I don’t need to be all things to all people. I put my own views over full stop. Pissing off nasty people is OK with me.
        As it’s my blog how was I to know you weren’t referring to me? Perhaps you should be more specific.

      9. If it is Annie? How do you want it?….Ann or Anne or Anny or Annabell or Anywayyouchoose as I really could not give a damn.
        You are perhaps not the fastest witted person on the block as it could not have been more obvious to which person the post was addressed to. But I know the reason.
        You just don’t understand the protocol of blog entries once there’s a few from different people. You simply become the conduit on the basis that your follow up posts are not interesting – which is evidently commonplace – and other’s may have more interesting things to say or in the case in hand, some questionable things to say.
        It works just like YouTube and eh,…every other blog with more than three people on it. Perhaps that’s why you have only three people on your blog at any given time on any given topic. Why bother? Who the hell wants to drop into the Victor Meldrew of blogging. You are such an intensely boring man.

      10. Why are you so angry? It’s just a blog. If you want to get angry, get angry at something important.

      11. Calensariel, are you doing a Monty Python skit, maybe the Argument Room sketch?
        You said “most of the time I use my real name, Cheryl”. OK, but you didn’t this time.
        Then you later said “as I said Calensariel was four years ago. I now use my real name”, but again you didn’t and posted as Calensariel.
        I couldn’t get more confused or daft. Yet somebody else is snarky for laughing!
        I must admit to a firm chuckle at that. OK, I’ll take the snarky too.
        LOL some of our women folk don’t do the rest of us any favors.

  2. Opher, you failed again thru lack of credible and accurate information. The trolls have fed you full. Please refrain from swallowing any more. Best to suck it and see.
    You entirely exaggerate. These “national parks” are Indian scrub lands with nothing there. They’ve been developing pipelines for years but it hit the headlines because some overground pipes were a half-mile from some old graves. In any modern city development they just move the graves, but because it’s Indian, we have to become sanctimonious. Or at least you feel compelled to.
    Alaska is massive. It can handle some excavation. It’s been excavated ever since we bought, so really no need to concern yourself over a few holes.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I do believe that you Brits were very busy building new cities over old mine shafts resulting in sink holes. That won’t happen because nobody will be setting up home anywhere near.
    DT does not support anything to do with Fascism. Fascist is the sole property of the extreme left and he doesn’t do “left” anything.
    You obviously failed to notice that at the inauguration of any incoming US President, that they swear to uphold the Constitution. The Second Amendment protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. He would have been hard pressed to exclude that. Note bene, it is the second amendment, not number ninety two.
    Do I note that you missed the trifling detail where recently the supermarket gun stores agreed to no longer stock automatic repeater weapons?
    You also do not have a jot of understanding of the NRA. The case in point would be for you to try and coach the Pope to wear a condom. You really are deluded.
    Well just let me say this, most us cognitive Americans had a very good laugh at his remarks to Rocket Man. I think the message was received.
    You would most probably have preferred a Reaganism, with jests towards Russia, such as “We’ll be bombing in five minutes.” More matter of fact, less taking the piss. I understand you overtly politically correct English people very well. There’s always a list of tick boxes to be waded thru before you can ever begin to think for yourselves.
    I see that Rudeness probably gets a level 9 of concern from you. Couldn’t you have left that mentality back in school where it belongs? The real world is harsh and rudeness is of no concern to anybody. You should try driving into Canadian Border Control and then see what you think rudeness is.
    You seem to be too bone-brained to understand the misogynist blah. As for racism, there really isn’t. Black employment is currently at the highest rate ever in USA. The highest, what part of that can’t you understand?
    I detect that you are already losing steam very quickly because you have nothing at all of any substance to engage with, hence the stupidity of the Nazism and Goebbels comments. What a disgrace.
    I don’t think you know what Nazism is. You should have watched the recent rallies.
    Read my previous posts and understand who are the fake news.
    DT has never said there is no global warming. Don’t make things up to suit yourself.
    Did you actually say that Iran with it’s current administration were open to full investigation? You may wish to ponder on the astonishing connotations that venture forth from that statement. I must remember that one!
    That statement of yours was actually a lot more stupid than the actual facts of the matter. Can’t you see that it is much better for all concerned if South Korea negotiated for retraction of the North’s nuclear ambitions? That’s what’s called protocol and diplomacy. Nothing stupid about that.
    Jerusalem was not stupid either. Also, it’s been on the cards for years and years. Hillary Clinton would have done it in a new york minute. It needed doing and now everyone can now get down to more important issues such as exactly what stretch of land mass Palestine should get.
    You really don’t understand international politics very well, do you?
    There always was hatred and division in America. We’ve had it every which way in all manners and a civil war over it and for you say DT is stirring it up is insane. Go tell that to black people in a job in Philadelphia. Or are you more concerned that the LGBT crowd will not be getting a front row seat in the military?
    Such an inadequate comment to make. So misinformed. You have obviously no idea of the pressures put on society because of the multitudes of cultures and religions all squeezed in together. The fact it is not a blood bath speaks volumes. The vast majority of the disenfranchised support DT. That detail must have flown over you.

    Lastly, I simply copied over your entire text. Seriously, is this the writing of a grown adult? It is lamentable.
    “Trump for me is a symbol of the decline of America. The lack of investment in education has resulted in an ignorant, superstitious country. Now you’re paying the price.”
    The man has been in the job for a year. In that first year, as previously noted, Black employment at an all time high. Latino employment at highest levels in twenty years,
    There are educational facilities miles high all over America. God know of what you speak. Have you confused with Honduras or somewhere?
    A superstitious country? It definitely isn’t Haiti, so really no idea what you are speaking off.
    Paying the price? What with a near 3% increase in GDP?

    You really need to go on an educational. You have an empty pocket of factual information that will never ever serve you well. My eleven year old nephew could trounce you in this debate. His parents are Democrats and they also see it for what it really is. A fresh start and that is what we will get.

    Now I fully realize why these pages are as empty as a pocket. I am systematically less than impressed with your dialogue and believe that you possess all the gravitas of a cuddly toy.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with criticism but I can’t see the point of abuse. It has no intellectual content and is a form of bullying. I have a long standing American friend who moved there from GB in the 70s. He has become brash and abusive. He has alienated almost all his Brit friends as a consequence. He hasn’t alienated me because I understand the culture behind his attitude and abuse cuts no ice with me in any event. I don’t see the point of having a go at someone because they use a pseudonym. I have read many of Cheryl’s posts. She is always courteous in her remarks and is entitled to respect. Making reference to her period is poor form. How is that relevant? On the subject of ” The Donald” I suppose I am in a minority where Brits are concerned. I didn’t regard either candidate in the last election as someone for whom I would vote. But I say judge Trump after 4 years. To date he has kept the promises he made in his election campaign. He has not started a conflict with the Russians. but he has stopped, in the main, the use of toxic gas to kill innocent civilians in Syria. I suspect Clinton may have engaged in conflict with Russia had she been elected. On the issue of his having paid Stormy Daniels for sex. I say who gives a toss? Bill Clinton did far worse in my view by taking advantage of his office by having sex with a young intern then lying about it. That was an episode which I can’t recall Hillary ever condemning.

    1. Well Bede – most of Scooby Doos stuff I deleted but I think you can get the gist of the threats. I think there is definitely a type of bullying that is becoming more prevalent everywhere. It comes from the attitudes at the top. Pleasantness is regarded as PC. That’s the way of the world at the moment.

      1. Just ignore it. Replying to crap generates more crap. I don’t entertain threats. Those who threaten rarely do or can in my experience. Beware those who don’t issue threats beforehand. If you run a blog and have strong views, you invite contrary comments. Nothing wrong with that but inevitably the comments often are blighted by abuse instead of rational argument against. Just have a thick skin and ride over the abuse.

      2. Opher, I’m treading on tip toes on egg shells because I know you are ever so the vulnerable pet lamb and have extreme difficulty with any questions or inquiries to explain yourself presently. If as you say “pleasantness is regarded as PC.”, why then did you infer above to the American, that USA was now being run under Nazism with an ideology from Goebbels? Isn’t that the deepest of insults? Particularly when also you actually don’t know that Elizabeth Sorentino may be Jewish.
        Looks highly likely that you too have caught the Labour bug of anti-Semitism and it just slipped out without even thinking. Easy done I suppose when one is trying to point fingers and poke people when making a point. It’s a form of passive aggression on paper, in other words cyber bullying. Yet, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m fairly certain that I very recently read a post from yourself complaining about the very same thing happening to you. Stones – Glasshouse?

        You must think with one hand and use the other to write. Point of case would be the Elizabeth Sorentino contributions which went completely over your head. You’ve been saying the exact same thing for 18 months and appear to be completely unaware as to what is happening today. I can recall when it was explained to you about Hillary Clinton’s completely illegal activities but because you had liked her to begin with there was no reconsideration.
        I don’t think you ever move forward on any topic from the point of your original thought. No amount of accurate information will ever inform you. It must be very wearing for other posters.

      3. What makes me laugh about Scooby Do’s threat is that he has posted it online. If he carries it out (unlikely in my view) his prior posting would form a solid defence to any allegation that you downloaded child porn.

  4. If you feel unease at Scooby Do’s threats just get a spare detachable hard drive and confine the blog to one hard drive. I used that system. The pseudonym “Scooby Do” should give you an indication about the maturity of the commentator.

    1. The Scooby Doo movie came out in 2002 and kids watched it hundreds of times.
      So Opher’s been done by something like a 14 year old and he’s nearly crying about it? LOL

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