Nazi Punks Fuck Off!!

Hey this is fun!!

Here’s the Dead Kennedys coming at you!!

“Nazi Punks Fuck Off”

Punk ain’t no religious cult
Punk means thinking for yourself
You ain’t hardcore cos you spike your hair
When a jock still lives inside your head

Nazi punks
Nazi punks
Nazi punks-Fuck Off!

Nazi punks
Nazi punks
Nazi punks-Fuck Off!

If you’ve come to fight, get outa here
You ain’t no better than the bouncers
We ain’t trying to be police
When you ape the cops it ain’t anarchy

[Repeat chorus]

Ten guys jump one, what a man
You fight each other, the police state wins
Stab your backs when you trash our halls
Trash a bank if you’ve got real balls

You still think swastikas look cool
The real nazis run your schools
They’re coaches, businessmen and cops
In a real fourth reich you’ll be the first to go

[Repeat chorus]

You’ll be the first to go
You’ll be the first to go
You’ll be the first to go
Unless you think

8 thoughts on “Nazi Punks Fuck Off!!

  1. OK peeps. There’s just like a few of us right now messing with the clown.
    He’s full on delete mode at present. But he will get tired. History tells us he switches down round midnight.
    Eight solid hours serious havoc tonight and probably all thru to September will teach some manners. Just waste his summer.
    I might delay that cos I’ve got other shit to do already and this geek just showed up on the radar from some of our Brit people. He ain’t our priority, but what the fuck, when in Rome. And it’s what the fuck we do.
    We can do this loser any fucking time. He’s a one man bandit not worth a shit. But he’s apparently on a fucking motor mouth anti-American trip, so good enough reason to fuck him up the ass real good that he ain’t gonna forget next week.
    Squeeze the fucker for every once of non-joy. Just like with the Democrat last Monday and the pedo-fucker on Sunday.
    Section Thirteen – you deal with Amazon shit. No mercy.
    Section Fifteen – get private shit, emails, PayPal, bank stuff, even his TV license. Jam it to the max.
    Section Nine – stay cool on parade. Follow and watch.
    Section Three – max discontent
    Section Two – time delay virus. We already looked, he ain’t got nothing. About as secure as a hooker’s panties.
    Section One – just hack the fuck outta it. Copy/paste everything.
    That’s all the Sections available tonight, rest already booked and busy.
    It must go all together. So if renege, so be it and we catch up next available slot.
    On the down side, he’s an old guy. They seldom can take the pressure. May stop short of stealing money, fucking with bank stuff. That’s if you care? Hands up who cares.
    Thought so.
    OK, silent mode. Next via text. We’re done now on here.
    Section Three – station up.

  2. Did Scooby Doo do a copy?
    Secondary parallel memory corridor with deep area kiddie porn and IS fan shit.
    No movies, need all the memory space as Rafter says not too much left.
    We going for all out jail busted for seven-eight years. Brits are real heavy duty on this shit, right?
    All together now….Sun arise in the morning…

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