Trolls 2 – another poem

I’m enjoying producing this doggerel. Very stimulating.

It is quite fascinating to think about the mentality of those people who are so sick with hatred and fear that they try to destroy everything.

What created that bullying mentality?

What happened in their lives that turned them so nasty?

What makes someone want to dish out personal abuse?

Was it something unpleasant in their childhood? Abuse? Inferiority complex? Bullying?

Was it their own impotence and inferiority?

Why do they assume many personalities? A sign of mental disease?

Is it born of arrogance and a personality defect?

Perhaps a physical ineptitude?

An inability to form relationships?

Who knows?

All I know is that rude people who abuse their host are unwanted scum

Fortunately, whatever lying personality they assume, they can easily be addressed with a press of a button.

The only purpose they serve is to provide grist to the mill of writing. I am enriched by the experience. Perhaps I should thank them?

All intelligent comment and debate is welcome. All personal abuse and nastiness can go screw.

Here’s to you Trolls!!

Trolls 2


Pusillanimous pustules

Posing as people

Self-righteous scum

Swimming in sewage

Pompous pricks

Primping and posturing

Horrendous charlatans

Howling and hurling


Unwanted guests

Obnoxious pests

Opinionated prats

Cowardly rats

Skulking in rags

Under false flags

Dripping with bile

And venom most vile


With the stench of a skunk

And intelligence shrunk

Spewing their scorn

Like the devil’s spawn


Mindless morons

With detestable manners

Full of hatred

Spewed under many banners


Fortunately their logic is easily defeated

With the press of a finger their hate is deleted.


Trolls Trolls Trolls

Trip trap trip trap

Get back in your holes

Trip trap trip trap

Trolls Trolls Trolls

Who cares for your crap?


Opher 24.5.2018

6 thoughts on “Trolls 2 – another poem

      1. Yeah, but you speak too frequently for those that don’t warrant it. Go live in Calais if you love `em so much. The vast majority are done with them.

      2. I wouldn’t mind living in France. It’s a great place. But I’m British so I’ll stay here thanks. I speak up for anyone who is abused and deride all abusers. Thanks. That’s what I do.

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