Guantanamo Bay – a Stain on America!!

I am not opposed to dealing harshly with terrorists. I think they should be locked up for a very long time. If they have been found guilty of torture or gruesome murder then I think they should be locked up for ever.

But Guantanamo Bay is an insult to justice and stands for everything a civilised country should be against. It tells the lie to the rule of law, justice and freedom and undermines everything the Americans say they hold dear. That is why it is not situated on American soil.

People are brought to Guantanamo on arbitrary grounds.

They are treated abominably – caged and chained.

Some have been tortured.

They have no recourse to a trail (fair or otherwise) or appeal.

They have no sentence and their detainment is without end.

Their treatment is disgustingly wrong!! It is inhumane and unjust!!

If these people are guilty of crimes they need to be tried in a proper court of law and, if found guilty, punished accordingly.

If found guilty of crimes they should receive a just sentence and be treated in a humane manner.

No prisoner should ever be subjected to humiliation, torture or barbaric conditions – such as being caged in the open and chained.

If American soldiers were treated in this way there would be an outcry.

Guantanamo Bay is a blot on the American people and should be shut down. The inmates should be subjected to a fair trial and either released or given appropriate sentences.

In my view America is behaving barbarically and what it is doing is outside of any rules of international justice. It needs to stop.

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