Looks to me like Corbyn got it dead right!

Well, after all the hysteria with the scurrilous Daily Mail and Express trying to stir up hatred against Corbyn, when the dust has finally settled, I reckon he has called it spot on.

I’ve listened to the ranting Tories, with Boris and stupid Gavin Williamson, trying to sound big and stirring up anti-Russian sentiment, insulting and bombastic. But the bottom line is that they do not know for definite who is behind this.

As more facts come out there is less certainty. It now seems that this particular nerve gas – novichok, can be made anywhere. How was it administered? Why are there no CCTV footage or suspects? Is it conceivable that it was planted on the daughter and she just happened to unpack in the restaurant? Unlikely.

I think it is quite likely that it was Putin and the Russian government. He has made a speech about going for them. They have interfered with Brexit, the Trump election and are carrying out all manner of cyber attacks. But could it have been the Russian mafia? Or the Ukraine? Or even someone trying to pin the blame on the Russians?

I’m not a 100% sure. Nobody is!

Who wants a cold war? Who wants a war? Not me! I’d rather be 100% certain before pointing the finger.

What is wrong with waiting until it is clear beyond any doubt?

I hate this knee-jerk reaction. Jeremy Corbyn is doing his job. As opposition leader his job is to question. Good for him. We need people who are strong enough to stand up against all the others and stick up for what is right.

Hilary Benn and co are just waiting to get the knife in. I think that his father would be ashamed.

10 thoughts on “Looks to me like Corbyn got it dead right!

  1. In my humble opinion that is spot on. Some politicians are using it to try and improve their own image. Going from weak leadership and transforming themselves into strong leaders who are warrior like. History shows us that it is all part of their smoke and mirrors performance.

  2. If a 100% conviction was the norm, no one would get convicted in a criminal trial. What do you want – Putin to admit his government is responsible? Well it ain’t going to happen. The Russians are even doubting that the victims are in hospital because they haven’t been given photographic evidence. You are in La La land along with Corbyn & Milne. How come Corbyn fails to condemn Russia for its slaughter of innocent civilians in Syria? Since the beginning of 2017 nearly 2000 children have been killed by bombs and planes supplied by Russia to Assad in addition to thousands injured. Corbyn hasn’t done his electoral chances of success any good by his stance on this incident. The vast majority of people in a poll disapproved of his stance. If he ever fulfils his dream of power, God help the UK. You think May’s government is bad? Young people will be paying for Corbyn’s mistakes and wastage for generations if there are a sufficient number of suckers to vote for him.

    1. I didn’t say 100% was the norm in criminal trials but frankly I don’t think the evidence is there. It is all circumstantial. I do agree that Putin is highly likely to be behind it and I do support action against him. Pretty much what Corbyn did.
      I am not at all surprised that the public do not back his stance. Have you seen the hysterical propaganda put out? There is a huge malicious campaign to discredit Corbyn. Likewise there are members of his own party, who represent the old New Labour watered-down Tories, who are looking for any chance to get the knife in.

      Have you now heard that this nerve gas novichok can be produced in laboratories outside Russia. I think there are many agencies around the world who would love to cause problems for Russia.
      It’s already getting cloudy. How certain are we?

      1. I say again : who would have a motive for killing a former Soviet spy other than the Kremlin? The availability of the toxic substance is a secondary factor although the Russian scientist who helped develop it has confirmed that Russia possessed it. Corbyn’s lapdog, Milne, has tried to suggest that a Russian oligarch could be responsible. Again why would a Russian oligarch or a Russian gangster or indeed any other agency wish to murder a former Russian spy. Have you missed Putin’s threat that all Russian traitors would be killed and there was no safe hiding place for them, a popular view in Russia. It makes no sense that anyone else committed this crime. Corbyn has always been an apologist for Russia and is on record as decrying the demise of the Soviet system.

      2. Well how about anyone who wanted to stir up trouble with Russia? That could be the secret service of many countries including the US and GB.
        Yes all the circumstantial evidence is that it’s Russia. I don’t dispute that. I think it’s Russia. But thinking it and proving it are two different things and we’ve been horribly wrong in the past.

  3. I can’t follow your logic. What benefit would accrue to the USA or UK from killing a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil? Yes, the Labour leader for whom you voted was horribly wrong about WMDs and misled the electorate but hundreds of thousands in the UK were not horribly wrong because they opposed the invasion of Iraq and many took to the streets of London to protest en masse. Those opposing included Jezza (to his credit) but also other MPS including a Labour Minister, Claire Short who resigned her position. In my view the issue of the WMDs was irrelevant so far as the prospect of invasion was concerned. Bush had already made the decision in retaliation for 9/11 and the had recruited the Labour leader, whom you helped into power, into his cause prior to any decision by Parliament. Bush wanted rid of Saddam Hussain and that would have happened WMDs or no WMDs. The issue of WMDs was relevant for Blair because the British were reluctant to support an invasion so they required to be lied to in that Iraq could attack British territory within 45 minutes. You helped vote that liar into power.

    1. Bede – do you not think that there are many people for whom it would be an advantage to stir up trouble between Russia and Britain? Do you not think that it is a possibility that Britain wanted to put an end to Russian interference and attacks – intrusions into airspace, cyber attacks, interference with elections? Perhaps they wanted an excuse?
      Unlikely but possible.
      Governments have acted on bad information before. Jumping to conclusions is not a good idea. You think Blair lied. I think he was probably misled and led up the garden path by the US.
      Of course I voted for Labour. The got the economy right. They brought public services back up. They regenerated the inner cities. They were a hundred times better than the obnoxious Tories who only represent the top end, destroy public services (as we are seeing) and give money away to the rich.

      1. That Liar Blair ruined this Country, he started letting all immigrants in, he got rid of all the good things we had, the standards we had, he created the scum who make a living off benefits, he and the wife cared for no one except themselves and making more and more money, the good Socialists, Right? As for Corbyn, why has he changed his mind on Russia (the Anti Semitic Corbyn have you forgotten that. I am not saying Politicians don’t lie they all do, but lets at least be honest and say Blair was “not led up the garden path” he knew exactly what he was agreeing to, he did not give a damn how many British troops would die, he will never get the stench of those men and women’s blood off his grubby little hands. As for Chairman Corbyn, the worst possible thing that could happen to this Country is that the IRA Supporters Corbyn and McDonnell be elected along with the support of those bullies Momentum and that two faced “say no to hate campaign. Corbyn isn’t Labour Corbyn is a Marxist Extreme Far Left, have you forgotten those Labour Conventions when the Marxists – Corbyn/MacDonnell and Red Ken and all those other Marxists would shut down the Labour Leader, remember Kinnock and what he said, and you want to elect that Marxist to power in this Country. If you are of that belief then why do you taken a Private Pension, a good Socialist?

        Regards those Russians that died, I have no sympathy whatsoever, if you betray your Country you are a TRAITOR, remember Britain’s Traitors and all the deaths that they were responsible for, what do you think they were misunderstood. if you seek asylum elsewhere, you know what you have done, you play that dangerous game you face the consequences. What I do not agree with or support is that a Foreign Country commits assassinations on British soil.

      2. Anna – when you get a view about someone from somewhere you really go to town on it.
        I don’t have a lot of time for Blair – he was a watered-down Tory – but I think he was duped by the Americans in Iraq. I don’t know if he lied any more than all the others do. I do know that he got the economy going and did a great deal for public services and inner cities. He certainly wasn’t all bad.
        In terms of immigration. We have had too much too quickly but it is not the nightmare you portray. We need it. Without immigration our hospitals, care homes, agriculture, restaurants, schools and services cannot function. All parties recognise that. It is doing exactly the same under the Tories because they know our economy depends on it.
        Corbyn is not an extreme Marxist. That is a propaganda stance by the Tory media. They said the same about Wilson. Corbyn is true Labour. His policies are Labour policies. Again the portrayal of him as a terrorist supporter or anti-Semite is a fabrication of the Express and Mail. He is a pacifist who has been looking for solutions to conflicts. He has been awarded two peace awards for his work by the UN.
        I don’t take a private pension. I have my teacher’s pension.
        The Russians that were poisoned were exchanged in a spy exchange. They should not have then been killed. The young daughter had nothing to do with anything. It was probably the Russians behind it but I’d like that confirmed before taking action – as Corbyn suggested. I think May jumped the gun.

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