Hate Abuse on Social Media – Sadiq Khan reads the abuse he has received.

There is no room for hatred on the net. Kick it out.

The type of offensive personal abuse that Sadiq has received is shocking. Unfortunately he is not alone. There is far too much abuse on the net.


10 thoughts on “Hate Abuse on Social Media – Sadiq Khan reads the abuse he has received.

    1. I don’t think most people are against him Cheryl. Because he’s a brown Muslim he attracts a bunch of criticism. He’s doing a good job and is quite popular.

      1. Racism is alive and well. Many people here are frightened about immigration. They see all these Muslims in their medieval garb, all these mosques popping up, and they do not like it. They equate all Muslims with terrorists. They think our way of life is going to be radically altered. It frightens them. I don’t like religion per se, as you know, I also don’t like women in burqas and niqabs (smacks of misogyny) but I keep it in proportion. 4.4% is a lot but it is not overwhelming. The vast majority are law-abiding and want the same as us. They’ll be absorbed in time, just as Sadiq Khan has been. We have just had too much immigration too quickly. We have to look for ways of integrating people not segregating.

      2. Cheers Cheryl. I think we find that both the USA and UK have been melting pots of different cultures that have largely been assimilated to everyone’s benefit. I’m looking for more of the same.

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