The Reason for Blogging.

My first impetus to start a blog was to promote my books.

I thought it would be good to share some of my art, writing, photography, music likes, philosophy and thoughts.

Of course, that was before the unveiling of hatred resulting from Trump and Brexit and the division that ensued.

I thought it would be nice to have an exchange of views, arguments and make contact with people all over the world.

Well I guess all of that has happened.

18 thoughts on “The Reason for Blogging.

  1. You crossed a line with the most appalling accusations against somebody who is anything but racist and Islamophobic. He worked all over the world for years, many in Muslim countries. He’s had girlfriends of all sorts of shades and creeds. He experienced more stuff than you ever did or ever will because he lived there. You were just a day tripper and your general knowledge is fairly piss poor on too many areas. Wasn’t it you who tried to back up something recently with claims that a taxi driver had told you? That certainly tells me something.

    Let me take this opportunity to tell you something.
    My name is irrelevant, although I am a woman. I am the best friend of a sister of a partner of a person who used to sometimes post on this blog and I have known this person for many years and long before his current partner (for some years now) has. Anyway, you have been got at just for amusement and bedevilment from a number of people (basically our friends) for several months. Not all the time but sometimes when we, I, they could be bothered. You had virtually no idea and it was exceedingly funny to see you shouting out into the dark with exclamations of “Andrew this and Andrew that”, when in fact Andrew has been no where near here. He dropped you like a hot brick and only uses his proper blog site where people like you with extremely volatile temper threshold levels could not operate. They discuss in a manner that has an objective to create a pyramid of valid facts, pros and cons and fundamentally to seek out to name persons and actions that have lead to chaos. This means therefore, anyone with a mindset glued to any political persuasion would not last very long and would be asked to retire for that debate. I’ve tried to explain how it works as best I can, for I don’t engage for not being nearly clued up enough to ever attempt to and I’m going by memory of what I was told.

    What happened was Opher, you behaved like an arsehole by making these insulting claims and subsequently have been treated like one. I notice (as do several others, too) that you persist with these accusations. I actually don’t think Andrew is all too aware of that. But if he turns up at some gig you’re at and swipes you with his 25 years experience in Taekowondo, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Not that he does very often but I did have the pleasure of seeing him once deal with an attempted sneak thief on holiday in Spain. The thief fell like a stone in a second, teeth first onto the pavement dirt. I thought he was stone dead. Andrew’s cigarette didn’t leave his mouth.

    I’d be only too happy to arrange a complete stop to any further or subsequent increase (all too easily done) of disruption to your blog here as evidently it has a high degree of importance for you and quite rightly so. However, on one condition, that being that you publicly apologise to him and take back that heinous and completely false accusation. I want to see an open apology on this page, underneath this post today.
    Then we can all get back to normal, go our separate ways and you can play with the pensioners fixing our sick world in peace and quiet till your hearts content. Because it isn’t at the moment, is it?
    So what do you say to that? Tell you what, I’ll let you mull it over an hour or two to work out what’s best for all concerned.

    1. Well Gabriella/Andrew – or whoever you are – I’m not in the habit of causing trouble or picking fights. It is a shame what happened with Andrew because he was a man with a great deal of knowledge. There has been a lot of unpleasant silliness. I am quite happy to take your word on his lack of racism or Islamophobia. I don’t know him. All I can go on is his responses on my blog. I am quite happy to retract my statements and apologise.
      Now perhaps we can all go our own way and call it a day?

      1. I am Gabriella Jane Nielsen.
        I’m no expert but it’s a world of difference hating a religion for what it does to people, than hating the people who are controlled by religion. That’s where you got caught up in confusion with bad temper. He made no secret of hating Islam for what it is. I back-read enough posts and easily understood that. I actually thought you said exactly the same thing as well. You both think it stinks. Some of his stories of things he saw are horrible. Even I think it stinks and I’ve never been near a Muslim country ever! You need to listen up a bit more to what others know about. You might have visited some place on a whistle-stop daytrip off a boat somewhere and took photos of the first religious shrine you came across, but living and working these places must be a whole other level. I got postcards from him from places I’d never ever heard of.

        That day is done. Yes.

  2. It might be helpful to highlight this post that I read, it’s dated December 21, 2016 “Pakistani Airline Responds To Deadly Crash”. There was one further post made April 30, 2017 from what looks like a Muslim woman that was ignored.

    1. And I mean there’s a lot of hate in the world especially on the internet but there’s a lot of positive people too so you just have to ignore the hate and stick to what you think!

      1. Definitely! A bunch of other bloggers I know were receiving a lot of hate and at some point threats which is so sad. I mean why even read blogs to hate on them? If you don’t like what you’re reading move on and get over it. People are allowed to have opinions of their own.

  3. Good grief, Opher! I can’t believe the trolls your blog seems to attract. I started my blog for the same reason you did – and it evolved from there. Blog on, good sir! Damn the Trolls… full speed ahead!

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