Wow!! Running a blog certainly opens up the door on abuse!

Instead of arguing about opinion on various matters some people really take things to heart and become threatening and abusive.

On March 17th, you will be dealt with.’

Some people don’t like having criticisms about Trump, guns and America’s foreign policy.

‘Limeys are starting to displace Canadians and Swiss as the most annoying and irritating people on the planet. It seems that just about every Limey I encounter has an opinion on America and Americans, whether asked for or not. You’d think that they’d know that opinions are like assholes in that everyone has one, and the vast majority of them STINK.


Limeys in particular deserve particular hostility, as they are, by and large, the biggest hypocrites on the planet. They sit back, sip their fucking tea, chew on their fucking crumpets, and wonder aloud why everyone else in the world can’t be just like them: Tolerant, patient, enlightened, cultured, and full of other nice shit. Huh?


Even though we SAVED THEIR ASSES during WW2, do you think those pricks and snotty bitches realize that? FUCK NO. It’s funny how a correlation can be made between countries that play incredibly boring and stupid sports share anti-Americanism as their national pastime, for example:


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Football, being limp-wristed, and America-bashing.


Canaduhhh, I mean, Canada – Ice Hockey, being limp-wristed, and America-bashing.


Federal Republic of Germany – Football, tailgating at high speeds, and America-bashing.


Russia – Football, Ice Hockey, and America-bashing.


See what I mean?


Reading the history of Britain and the British Empire puts all true crime stories to shame. A HUGE chunk of the world’s ongoing problems and controversies can be deposited directly on the doorsteps of the lime-suckers. Seen the Crown Jewels lately? Did those come from a Welsh coal mine? Did the British build a global empire by working and playing nice with others? FUCK NO!


Read about what the British did to the Irish over the years, and you’d be surprised if every single Irish man, woman, and child didn’t want to join the IRA. The Limeys and others say Americans are genocidal, yet their various campaigns in Ireland over the years can easily be interpreted as being genocidal in intent, if not outright practice.


And, my favorite topic of all…SLAVERY!!! Why is it that Americans are widely “credited” with slavery when it was YOU FUCKING LIMEY ASSHOLES that started it? Oh, not just you; the French, Spanish, Portuguese, and several others had that particular institution going for many centuries before the first shots of the American Civil War were ever fired.


There! I vented my spleen for the time being! To be honest, some of the finest people I’ve ever met were fucking Limeys; you’re not all bad, but too many of you are assholes! Fuck you!


I hope you have a pleasant day, and evening too, lol!’

Then there is the personal abuse:

Opher, you are a two-faced git.

You are a classic toady toad. Some might say an arsehole.
You have no intergrity or credibility.

If it isn’t that it’s pedantic nitpicking:

The phrase that Lennon was known to recite was not as published above, but was actually “the toppermost of the poppermost” as in top of the pops and not top of the tops! The following “bottommost of the bottommost” can only magnify that the writer never realised what Lennon’s mantra actually was!

Who would have thought that putting out your thoughts would open such a can of worms?

17 thoughts on “Wow!! Running a blog certainly opens up the door on abuse!

  1. What goes around comes around. It’s called Karma. Even two-faced gits get Karma because you behaved like one. Do some history and read all about it.

      1. Get over yourself. You were dead wrong on that post about the miners strike and Scargill’s culpability and you know it. Even your matey boy mate told you so and you cheesed up to him. You are a two-face. Your credibility and integrity jumped up your arse. They’re hiding in safety. Temporary safety.

        Toppermost of the toppermost? Haha. What were you thinking? Even I knew that one.

  2. Fascists have always used violence to silence their oponents, Opher. These days they use a lot of verbal violence online, because they totally lack arguments, and usually does not even understand how an argument works. Hang in there, you’re doing a great job. Thank you.

  3. I love stuff like this. Makes me laugh reading the vitriol. Often written at a distance: rarely spoken close up.

  4. Should not be, but I am shocked. As for that first one we are NOT LIMEYS. Not all Irish hate the British, my Father’s eldest Brother was blown to pieces by the Black and Tans and yet my Father came over here, worked here raised his Family and loved this Country. Not all those with Irish Blood want to join the damn IRA. As for “Saving us in World War II” I am so p….d off with being told that by some Americans. For a start America came into the War because the Japs attacked you at Pearl Harbour. Thousands of brave Americans gave their lives for our Freedom. We were able to drink tea in the middle of a battle because the British were so well organized, at least they had no fridges stacked with coke and Brothels. We are far too laid back etc etc, time we stood up for ourselves and spoke out and demanded the truth, we won’t take anymore crap. That first on thanks to the majority of his people once voted in the mst incompetent ridiculous President I have ever known and the World was stuck with him for EIGHT long years, Obama.

    One thing to argue but he went too far. Heard from that “woman” who was very personal and attacking you., that was some weeks maybe couple of months ago?

    1. Hi Anna, I don’t mind heated argument but I draw the line at personal abuse. I think the web allows too much of it. People think they can say what they like – things they wouldn’t dream of saying in person.
      Never mind. If you put up controversial posts and speak your mind you are bound to get unpleasant responses from some people.
      I think those women have disappeared.

      1. Good. I know I got abused it really hurt me, I actually had respect for him and at first I tried to ignore the comments but then it came to it and I cried, the Boys got him off my site, I don’t know how , but they did. To be honest Opher the internet has helped me so much, given me confidence in myself I was lacking, but you are right our beliefs don’t deserve abuse.

      2. The thing is Anna that you can disagree with people but still respect them. We are all different. We have different experiences and views. We should be able to understand and tolerate the views of others even if we don’t agree.

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