Robber Barons – a poem.

There are a psychotic, sociopathic group of men, mainly men, who have operated down the centuries to rampage and destroy, rape, torture and strip bare. Their callous viciousness attracts like-twisted monsters who go along for the ride. They plunder all they can and enjoy the anguish and destruction they leave in their wake.

In a harsh environment people put their energies into creating harmony and clawing a living out of the ground. They slowly build up and create comfort for their family, storing up resources over the decades, only to find all their toil undone.

In a matter of minutes the hordes rampaged through ravishing, burning, plundering and laying waste. Rape and torture is their currency. Havoc is their joy. For it is easier to rip the goods of others from their hands than to produce it oneself.

When they rode off through the smoke the survivors gathered to survey the carnage, bury the dead and attempt to rebuild their lives.

These robber barons ruled the land, built the castles and became the law. They stole all they could, enclosed it, claimed it and held it by force.

They are still there. Their land is still walled off. The newbies wear they suits and flash their perfect smiles as they strip you of your life.

They’ve always enjoyed the agony.


Robber Barons


Robber Barons down the years

With no compassion in their hearts

Practice their cruel brutality

With gleeful brazen treachery.

With arrogance sufficient to sink a ship

They strut and preen and snarl

Stab, torture

And laugh,

Stamping down the bewildered

With delight.

They rode amid the blood and guts

Roaring, slashing, trampling

With gay abandon

To steal the fruits of other’s labors

And love it all the more

For the agony

They create.

Once with chainmail and sword

They roared.

Now armed with a suit and pen,

Sweet words

And reassurance.

Their cold eyes

Belie the intrinsic pleasure

As they strip you naked

And leave you for dead.

Shaking your hand with a smile

As they grip you by the throat

And never relax the vice-like grip

Upon your balls.


Opher 23.2.2018

8 thoughts on “Robber Barons – a poem.

  1. Organising, such as Corbyn’s £40 for whites and £30 for blacks tickets to his rally in Loughborough just the other week. Bloody robbing hood he is.

  2. You must have forgotten all about this:-

    Robert Taylor depicts Scargill as an ‘industrial Napoleon’ who called a strike ‘at the wrong time’ on the ‘wrong issue’, and adopted strategies and tactics that were ‘impossibilist’, with ‘an inflexible list of extravagant non-negotiable demands’ that amounted to ‘reckless adventurism’ that was ‘a dangerous, self-defeating delusion’.[23]
    Numerous scholars have concluded that Scargill’s decisive tactical error was to substitute his famous flying picket for the holding of a national strike ballot. His policy alienated most of the Nottinghamshire miners, undermined his position with the leaders of the trade union movement, hurt the union’s reputation in British public opinion, and led to violence along the picket line. That violence strengthened the stature of the Coal Board and the Thatcher government.[24]
    Political journalist Andrew Marr argues that:
    Many found Scargill inspiring; many others found him frankly scary. He had been a Communist and retained strong Marxist views and a penchant for denouncing anyone who disagreed with him as a traitor…. Scargill had indeed been elected by a vast margin and he set about turning the NUM’s once moderate executive into a reliably militant group…. By adopting a position that no pits should be closed on economic grounds, even if the coal was exhausted – more investment would always find more coal, and from his point of view, the losses were irrelevant – he made sure confrontation would not be avoided. Exciting, witty Arthur Scargill brought coalmining to a close in Britain far faster than would have happened had the NUM been led by some prevaricating, dreary old-style union hack.[25]

    Isn’t it strange that Trade Unions seems to attract the craziest people, all the off-kilter odd-ball loonys?

    1. Well Sandra/Andrew you slave to the establishment, lackey of the Tories and scourge of workers’ rights – you are certainly a case.
      I think you need to learn some history.

  3. I was involved in the year of action by the Yorkshire NUM and Scargill certainly made serious strategic errors as outlined above. He assumed a like situation and scenario to 10 years previously under the Heath government when there were no coal stocks in the power stations. The reality is that he was completely outmanoeuvred by Thatcher’s government and blinded by his obstinacy and failure to gather the support of the entire mining work force,which lead to the seizure of NUM assets, the destruction of the NUM as a viable force and the closure of more pits within a shorter time period. In times of war no sensible general divides his army.

    1. Oh yes – Scargill made some huge errors and was outmanoeuvred by Thatcher – though it was very close. It was a cynical and deliberate, well-thought out strategy that was outlined in the Ridley Report. Scargill was arrogant. He thought they could do enough and was proved wrong.

      1. Opher, you are a two-faced git.
        I tell it how it was and you tell me I need to learn some history? Then some other geezer agrees with me and then you agree with him because he’s your mate?
        You are a classic toady toad. Some might say an arsehole.
        You have no intergrity or credibility.

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