Germany has the answer to inner city pollution – free public transport??

Cars emit noxious gasses and particulates that are damaging the health of our citizens. The unseen poisons are doing permanent damage to lungs, circulation and hearts. Something has to be done to stop it.

Perhaps Germany has the answer? They are proposing to make public transport free!

If it takes all the cars off the roads then that can’t be bad, can it? Well it certainly sounds like a good alternative to waiting for electric cars to proliferate.

Well if Germany can do it why can’t we?

7 thoughts on “Germany has the answer to inner city pollution – free public transport??

  1. It sounds like a wonderful, workable idea. The problem is, we don’t have the mass transportation systems here in the west that you do or they do back east. The west is a different critter. We now have a front runner train that runs pretty much the length of the Wasatch front here. So we can get from Ogden to Provo down south, but once you get there you can’t make the connections to get where you probably work unless your company has a shuttle service, which most don’t. We’re just too spread out, not up. So the train is kind of circling the drain at the moment financially. And the bus system is very poor as is the electric “cable cars” they have in Salt Lake. Things are so backward here.

      1. Alternative energy does not entail opening up several fossil fuel powered power stations in the last few years which is exactly what the “ahead of the game” Germany have done. For unknown reasons this went ahead without any objections from the EU, for the simple reason that Germany IS the EU.
        One rule for them and an entirely different one for everyone else, hence another very good reason to bid them auf wiedersehen pet.

        Actually, the concept of free inner city public transport can be given to the Third Reich’s chief architect, Albert Speer and his plans for a new Germania.

  2. Sounds like a great idea. But, judging from what I saw in London, even when the magnificent public transportion system is packed to the gills, the streets remain congested too. Yikes!

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