Davos and Trump’s Great Address

‘It’s good to see so many of you here. Never been so many. Never so many. All here to see me.’

‘I want you to know America is great. We’re doing so great. Never been greater. Since I’ve become President we’re getting greater and greater. I’m the greatest. There has never been anybody as great!’

‘The economy is doing just great – never been greater! So Great! I have made the economy great. Nobody has done it better. I’m the greatest.’

‘I’ve taken the steps that the last guy failed to take. He couldn’t hack it – should be locked up. Lock him up. Lock him up.’

‘We’ve got fracking on the beaches. All the beaches. All beaches. Except Florida. We don’t want that stuff on the beaches in Florida. Not Florida. It’d distracting on the fairways.’

‘Soon they’ll be drilling in the National Parks. We’ll be strip mining and bringing up all that gas, oil and minerals. We’ll be so rich. We’ll make the US so great. Who needs bears? We don’t need bears. We need bucks. We’ll be turning those empty spaces into dollars. I tell you we’ll be so rich.’

‘Who cares about those tree-huggers with their fake news, global warming. Who needs trees. We’ll burn them. There’s no climate change, believe me. There really isn’t. It’s all fake news. Those scientists make it up. I’m right. I’m a genius.’

‘I’ve done away with worker’s rights and health and safety. So all you guys out there can bring your money and invest in America. It’ll be so great. You can make a killing. No need to go anywhere else. You can bring you outfits here. There’s no rules. A killing to be made. We’ve got the workforce. Who needs rules and regulations? They stop investment, right? I’ve done away with them! I’ve done away with them all. So bring your cash and get stuck in. America first right? You can make a killing.’

‘It’s good for America, right! We’re Americans. We take risks. We’re tough enough. We’re gonna make America great.’

‘We’re showing all those guys we mean business. The rivers are deep enough. The seas are big enough. It’s big. It can take some chemical waste. It’s big. It can take it. We can take it. I take it most of all.’

‘The drinking water will be fine. Just fine. Just dandy. Believe me. The food will be fine. Just dandy. It won’t kill everyone. It’ll be just fine. We’re just doing away with all that phoney red tape – doing away with it. It’s bad for jobs. Americans need jobs. Jobs are good. We’ll be great.’

‘I’ve given tax cuts to everyone. Not just to the rich – not just me and my pals – everyone – you’ll all get a bit. It’ll be great. I’m gonna make America so great we’ll rule the whole world. I’m gonna make the whole world great. Little rocket man won’t know what hit him. My button’s bigger than anyone’s. It’s great. Iran better get in line. It won’t be American first ‘cos we’ll all be Americans. The whole world will be so great. I’ll be the greatest.’

‘Take no notice of how we’ll pay for everything. That’s no problem. We’ll pay. We’ll make so much money, so many dollars. We’ll all be so rich.’

‘I’ve done away with healthcare. We don’t need it. We’ll be so great we’ll never get ill. Who needs it. There’s lots of Americans. Enough to do everything. We don’t need healthcare. They’ll still be enough to do the work. If some drop out that’ll be fine. Still enough to do the job. Survival of the fittest. That’s nature.’

‘And schools, friends, believe me, We don’t need to waste money on schools. My friends in the Church will do that. They’ll bring them up as fine Christians. Not Muslims. No. We’ll all be Christians, just fine. It’ll be great’

‘We won’t need border controls because we’re gonna blast those ISIS terrorists to hell. There won’t be any terrorist. They’ll all be in hell. No more Muslims. So great. Believe me. So great.’

‘No more birth control and abortion. We won’t need contraception or abortion. We just need more Americans – more reasons to be great. It’s a great time to be American.’

‘I’m so great. So great.’

‘So. I’m watching, me and my big button. If you don’t fail in line we’re taking down names. We won’t forget. You’re either with us or not. We’re watching. So bring your cash back to America or pay the price. We’re watching. Don’t worry. Believe me. It’ll be great.’

4 thoughts on “Davos and Trump’s Great Address

  1. ME ME ME, don’t you mean all those winging women who have jumped on the bandwagon because a man touched their arms etc.

    You don’t like President Trump, you don’t like Brexit – and why because the vote did not go your way. Give President Trump some credit for the short time he has been in he has done more for America in good terms than that useless, ineffective Obama did in eight long years. Take a good look at America take a good look at the Blacks and how the majority are living, oh yes Obama made the Rich Blacks even richer, but the poor, NO. More Blacks voted for Donald Trump than Clinton, a fact. I forget, Obama did bring in benefits and thats why they have the same mess
    as us, its not the needy that get the help but the lazy lot who won’t work. Stop burying your head.

    It wouldn’t be half the fun if we agreed on everything, would it Opher!

    1. LOL Anna. I don’t like Brexit and I don’t like Trump but not because I didn’t win any vote. I don’t like them because of the evil they do.
      a. Climate denial and closing down all climate monitoring
      b. Doing away with environmental protection
      c. Doing away with health and safety regs
      d. Cutting corporation tax
      e. Cutting tax for the rich
      f. Taking away funding for contraception
      g. Taking away funding for abortion centres
      h. Having a racist immigration policy with blanket restrictions
      I. Building a ludicrous wall
      j. Producing America first isolationist policies
      k. Shutting down Science centres
      l. Promoting evangelicals
      m. Supporting white supremacist groups
      n. Retweeting extreme right-wing racist propaganda
      o. Goading North Korea
      p. Goading Iran
      q. Opening up national parks for fracking and mining
      r. Allowing fracking and mining on beaches
      s. Threatening countries that do not support his policies
      t. Misogynistic attitudes towards women
      u. Being unstable and emotionally suspect
      v. Sacking anyone who disagrees with him
      w. Being rude and offensive
      x. Trying to put huge tariffs on our aero industry

      I suppose you think these are all good things. I don’t. I can’t think of a single policy of his that I would agree with. A completely obnoxious man. As someone who supposedly supports nature and animals how can you possibly support someone who is doing more damage to them than anybody?

      1. I’m still trying to get my mind around how he could deny health insurance to 8.1 million kids (the CHIP program, some of whom were already in treatments for things like cancer… That’s genocide in my opinion. I wonder how he’d feel if it was his boy Baron who was in that position…

      2. It is simply callous. And it reveals the real underlying attitude towards people. They are there to be exploited. They are not important.

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