Fostering Hatred – Poetry

Fostering Hatred


Fostering hatred

Through Peace TV

Seeking Heaven


Using texts from

The dawn of time.


The chose tool for the crime.

Chanting and gesturing

In the streets

Clenched fist striking

To different beats.


Opher – 9.1.2018


I was watching a program about Islam and radicalization. It was bemusing. Young kids indoctrinated in their schools reciting the Koran. Young unemployed men with nothing to do. People out in the streets chanting and waving their fists in synchronization. Muslim preachers on Peace TV preaching about death to the infidel, the non-believers and being funded to set up schools and carry out terrorism. Young men believing that killing was OK and that being martyred took them straight to heaven.

There was gullibility.

There was hopelessness.

There was stupidity.

There was indoctrination.

There was cynical manipulation.

There was power.

There is a madness at work in the world.

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