It’s The Capitalist Way! Poetry.

One upon a time things were simple. Everything was nationalised and a service was provided. You did not have to think about it. If you had a problem with your electricity you rang the electricity board, likewise with gas and water. But not now. It’s all been privatised. Now the gas board offers electricity. Foreign firms run the rail and services. It’s supposed to be competition to bring the prices down. Except it doesn’t work. The prices keep going up and up. If you’re a loyal customer you get hammered. You join on a deal and then they put the rate up. If you haven’t got your eye on the ball you get taken to the cleaners.

So every year I find myself having to remember the dates for renewal and which company I’m now with and spent a glorious day on the phone listening to a robot giving me options. For my car insurance, TV package, House insurance, Gas, Electricity, internet, and crap. I have to have all my details and negotiate a deal. The alternative is to be taken for a ride.

Speaking of which – if I go on the train I have to book three months in advance and if I miss that specific train I have to pay again at an exorbitant rate.

My whole life is a nightmare of keeping tabs on everything. I have to keep a data base and plan my life out. Oh for the simple life.

Let’s renationalise!! It’s cheaper and better!!


It’s The Capitalist Way


Well my water’s with my gas

And my electricity comes from France.

My gas is Russian –

Contacting them leads me a dance.

I’m paying through the nose

To give bosses a big bonus.

Every time I use the train

I have to take out a loan as

The costs keep going up

To keep the profits rolling on the bus

For we are unwilling prisoners

In a system not designed for us.


Every single year

I spend hours on the phone

Switching to stay afloat

As cynical businessmen

Treat me like a dope.

Why can’t we take it back?

Cos it’s driving me out of my wits.

I’m sick of paying over the top

To a bunch of stinking rich gits.


Opher 8.1.2018

4 thoughts on “It’s The Capitalist Way! Poetry.

  1. Hey Opher, Namaste 🙂

    It’s a world run by crazies and they want to impose their world-view on everyone else.

    I can’t stand talking to machines, being offered option menus, or being kept waiting in call-queues for 45 minutes only to be told the fecking computer says ‘no’ or that I’ve come through to the wrong department! FFS by then I just want to sling the phone through the wall or simply go and lie in the middle of the fast lane of the M1 having given up the will to live.

    Enjoyed the ditty…I thought you might find chance to use the ‘fracking’ but I guess you’re saving that for a full-on tirade at another time! 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend if that means anything at all to someone who is retired? Me I live for the weekend every day, but for you everyday is the weekend. How I envy you.

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂


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