A Political View – No Government Really Has a Mandate.

I do not think there has been a government elected in the USA or UK with a majority of the people voting for them. A government is usually elected with well under 50% of all the people that voted. When one takes in the non-voters they actually have the backing of about a third of the electorate. Yet that does not stop them suggesting that they have a mandate to put their policies into practice.

A political party puts a series of policies into their election manifesto. When they get elected they claim that they have a mandate to implement them all. This is rubbish. I have never yet looked at any parties manifesto and agreed with everything in it. I usually have to settle for the lesser of two evils. I have to vote for the party with the least number of objectionable policies. That is not to say that I support all the things they put into their manifesto – far from it.

A government is not elected to purely represent its own followers. It is supposed to represent the whole country. To me this implies compromise and taking into account the people that did not vote for them (which is always most of the country).

So in Britain the Tory Party should presently be trying to find a way of taking into account the majority of the country (those who voted remain plus those who did not vote) who did not vote for Brexit.

In the States Trump should be taking into account the majority of the people (Clinton voters and those who did not vote) when putting into place his policies.

Clearly this is very difficult to do and many policies are not open to compromise but consensus is always better than imposition. Things are never black and white.

6 thoughts on “A Political View – No Government Really Has a Mandate.

  1. Hey Opher, Namaste πŸ™‚

    All governments operate a system of top-down politics: it matters not which party or what policy you want to choose, or which manifesto is better or marginally so: the government will respond to their investors first and foremost not the public. If they fail to do so their funding is withdrawn and their cohesion and power diminished. Money is at the very centre of every facet of government: they don’t move a muscle without consulting capitalist business, and foreign investors. Manifestos are worms on the end of fish hooks, don’t be fooled by pretence, beneath the surface politics, politicians and governments are corrupt, deceitful, conniving, and lying. They never fulfil a manifesto during the term of their office. It is pure bullshit designed to capture hearts and minds and create division between people on the basis of exposing them to ill-conceived, inappropriate, regressive and biased thinking, which does nothing but align one’s undiscerning mind (the apathetic mind of the masses) to a set of aesthetically pleasing policies/philosophies of life.

    A governments duty is to ensure stratification of society through inequality of wealth distribution. They maintain spurious privileges for the few without ever compromising, yet compromise the majority in every way possible to ensure the minority live in materialist decadence, or is that materialistic shit. It seems to me that unless The People come forward with the intention of destroying the power bases and cabals that control every facet of government then there is never a possibility of equality, liberty or brotherhood. The fascist despots of government will always pander to wealth for they are rewarded for doing so regardless of their success or more frequently their monumental failures and the arrogant pitiful neglect and man-slaughter of UK citizens. The morons of government together with their ‘friends’ have an awful lot to fear in the coming months as ill-meaning sentiment, hatred and loathing build in the UK. It’ll not take much to now inflame even the smallest lie or deceit to become an inferno. I hope all those putting signatures on policies that have directly contributed to death, suffering and neglect of UK citizens – that would be most policies for this fecking government – dissolve and rot slowly away in the deepest darkness of Hell. It can’t come soon enough .

    Rant over thank you, now I must get back to Love poems πŸ˜‰

    Love and Peace and Social Revolution. Let’s Clean Up Dodge City!! Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. Hey Opher, Namaste πŸ™‚

        I look forward to my Love poems…they will materialise when the Moon wanes and I have my wand back πŸ˜‰

        Cleaning up Dodge City will take a very big person in both heart and mind, one clad in iron standing tall and strong, one man or woman who will not ever be broken. But where will the People ever find such a legendary leader: someone who will courageously walk into the Lion’s den to become King of The Jungle? What person could lead the World into the next age of our kind?

        The World does not have time to stand and stare. The World must act in cohesion. The People of the world must rise as one together for only the meek and mild will inherit Earth in the aftermath of Judgement Day.

        It is concerning that the people who do have wealth are amongst the most deeply disturbed by their addiction to money. they display psychotic tendancies and for all-intents-and-purposes are a virulent disease, an ever present threatening danger to the health wealth, and well-being of society. Come the revolution those with excessive wealth will be stripped of all assets and the wealth returned to the people. There will far reaching changes, lots of tantrums, lots of tears, but it’s all going happen anyway at some point soon.

        I’m just tying up last stanza for Alkemi (Part 15). I hope it’s the last blast before leaving it behind for something new. I’m finding out that every ‘story’ has a shelf-life for the author – evermore so when the momentum is spawned by events specific to the period. I’d struggle to replace stanza’s or images for previous work because the prime source is no longer in situation. I wonder if you were the same?

        Love and Peace. Namaste πŸ™‚


      2. I find every project comes into life full of flames and rampages through the mind until it is quietened into symbols. But as the project proceeds the fires dies down so that by the last third one is forced to summon up energy from the depths.

  2. Justice Scalia said that when there isn’t clear majority, then system is supposed/ designed by the holy founding fathers – to stall and gridlock. Of course the nra and banks and oil interests et al still get their way.

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