In Search of Captain Beefheart – the reviews!

In Search of Captain Beefheart – the reviews


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The title is a little misleading; as it is not a book about Beefheart , but rather an account of growing up through the 60s and 70s in Britain. For people like myself 60+ year’s of age and like the author, a keen collector of records and tapes, this book will have a deep resonance. It was like living my early years of music all over again, as Mr. Goodwin kept mentioning the recording artists that I knew.
An enjoyable read, made for the coach, train, or ‘plane trip.

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Format: Kindle Edition

If you were there, the 60s that is, and you have forgotten much, and you will have, then this is an interesting memory jogger. It is Chris Goodwins account of the real ‘underground’ music scene of the time and not what is popularly touted to the interested young of today.
If you are genuinely interested in the genesis of modern music and its evolution especially through the 60s and 70s then this is an interesting guide and full of quirky anecdotes which may appeal to the young of all ages

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How very dare you captain sweetheart weird only to the tone deaf with t h no hearts. Pink Floyd are not just Roger waters all their best music came from three good music players making up for their average bass player.other wise locally book.

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We move from the rock of a 2004 White Stripes gig to the deep blues of Son House performing in 1968 in the very first paragraph, which gives some idea of the huge range of personal and musical experience covered in this always lively and thoroughly engaging personal testimony. We are taken on a freewheeling and cheerfully anarchic journey across time and space from the earliest days of rock’n’roll through the vibrant 60s and its many musical offshoots and current influences, with every anecdote giving ample evidence for the author’s central idea – that music transforms and inspires like nothing else, forging an organic link with our own lives and even the politics and beliefs we live by. There are sharp, vivid, honest and cheerfully scatological portraits of his musical heroes with warm praise and candid criticism providing the salty ring of truth. The book has wry down-to-earth humour, a breakneck momentum, mostly good musical taste, fascinating gossip, strong opinions, passionate loves and equally passionate hates – and there’s not a dull moment in it. Written with a warm and generous spirit, in the end it amounts to a radical critique of much more than music. It captures the modern zeitgeist with zest and courage. Recommended.

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If you grew up listening to music in the 60s then like me you will love this book, there were so many similarities between my musical awakening and the author’s that it was… Read more

One man’s journey to find his “religion” which arrives through his “prophets” Roy Harper & Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band. Read more

Rock music lovers and anyone who has lived through the sixties and seventies will LOVE this book!

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11 thoughts on “In Search of Captain Beefheart – the reviews!

  1. 5.0 out of 5 starsQuite a ride!
    By Amazon Customer on 1 Jan. 2016

    This “review” for want of a more appropriate word was very obviously written by yourself!
    I clocked it immediately as it contains every single one of your most commonly used descriptive terminology handles.
    Have you no shame? How cheap can one get? Desperate.

    1. Andrew you are a slanderous scumbag. I do not write any reviews for my books. That is outrageous.
      How cheap can you get? You are trolling my blog and now resort to slandering my name. How dare you!
      Kindly keep your cheap shots to yourself!

      1. You can protest all you like but it’s pertinently obvious who wrote it, isn’t it?
        I could mark out line by line all of your very well used descriptions.
        Anybody who reads this blog could see that crystal clear.

  2. So you wrote a review and got someone else to post it on. Either that or you have a doppelganger! I’m really not fooled by your denial.
    It’s not trolling – but a statement of fact. There’s no question about it. You must be to some degree responsible for that review. It’s got you written all over it.

    1. Andrew I’m sick and tired of your trolling. You are desperately trying to undermine my posts and now you accuse me of posting reviews of my books. I’m disgusted. You attitude stinks.
      Your arrogance and pedancy is overwhelming. There is something seriously fucked up with you. Why don’t you and your fictitious girlfriend take a hike and pester someone else. You are a sad git.

      1. Trolling? What are you on about? Your posts ask for a comment, so now and again they get one. But considering 90% of your posts are photos of various churches in various countries, none of which I’m the slightest bit interested in, or more really tiresome Brexit bullshit, I’ve no comment to make.
        But however, if you do come out with some utter nonsense about music stuff, I will make correction on your behalf as your knowledge really isn’t up to scratch.
        For instance, your recent claim that UK’s Punk movement was a stance against Thatcher really needed taking care of. You do talk the most utter bilge at times.
        And you do it with an air of self authority. It’s pathetic, so someone has to pull in the reigns. I’m sorry if that bursts your egotistical self-inflated bubble, but too bad.
        Other than that, I’ve nothing to say as I’ve no interest in the subject matter.
        But if you’re going to insist on making 4 post a day every day on the the very same few books, then occasionally I might just read one post.
        Which just so happens happened earlier today and I burst out laughing at that particular review which could not possibly have been written by anyone but you.
        It’s obviously wounded your precious little ego ever so, but tough shit, deal with it. And stop whinging like an old woman.
        And what’s my girlfriend got to fucking do with you? Creep!

  3. Oh, and another thing Opher. My email inbox counts somewhere in the region of 90 incoming mail posts from you in just the last week. I’m looking hard to find the ones I need from my delivery guys for my roof project and they’re somewhat buried in among all your repetition. So if anybody is doing any trolling here, it’s you. You are a law unto yourself and a certifiable fucking nut job – so say’s my girlfriend, the certified child psychologist. She reckons you never really grew up. I’d have to agree,

      1. I’ve obviously touched a raw nerve as I’ve got your panties all in a twist.
        As for “Git”, the last time I heard that expression was from Alf Garnett. It’s almost as old as Dickens – what am I supposed to reply with? Oh, you bounder!, perhaps? Or cad? Whatever, I ain’t touching 70 and aren’t about to start talking like Victor Meldrew or such fossil.

        I’m arrogant? 90 posts about what intrinsically is about himself in one week, and you make claim of other’s arrogance? You’re a fucking psycho-babbling moron.
        Also a liar, but not a very good liar.
        Read your very own previous posts on this book and then try and prove that the above “review” was not of your own hand or at least had some form of input.
        I’m guessing that will be a very, very long wait.
        Maybe I should write a review and get some friends to do one also. That might go some to balance out the bullshit, don’t you think?

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