Wonders of Yorkshire – The Walk between Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay

It was one of those perfect days in England. The sun was hot and a cool breeze played across your face as we walked along. It could not have been more pleasant.   England on a Summer’s day is probably the most beautiful place in the world. The vivid green hills, the lambs in the fields, the flower meadows with clover, daisies, buttercups and red sorrel, put on a show.

We walked along the fabulous cliffs and gazed over the stretching bay with its blue sea, reflecting the unbroken sky. A second World war pill box was hanging precariously over the edge poised to plunge into history.

Our destination, Robin Hood’s Bay, was visible in the distance.

We walked through the magic forest of ferns, past the Alum Works, noting the Fox Gloves with their attendant bees.

A horse welcomed us and we fed it grass. We stopped for a coffee and cake at Boggle Hole. Where a robin sat on our table and begged for cake.

We walked through a magical tunnel of Hawthorne and came out on the cliff with the exposed escapade speckled with happy children seeking the sea creatures exposed by the retreating currents.

Robin’s Hood bay was stuck delightfully two hundred years in the past with its steep windy streets. We stopped for a delicious crab sandwich and a glass of ale.

The tide was at its nadir so we ambled back along the beach with its vivid green exposed seaweed and rock plaques.

Then it was the climb back up to the top, past the horses, lambs and wild orchids.

What a perfect day.

14 thoughts on “Wonders of Yorkshire – The Walk between Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay

  1. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us, Opher. They are all beautiful, and really make me wish I could visit such a magical-looking place!

    1. Thought you might be a little enticed! When you are fully fit – an amble through the foggy dew, a traipse through the drizzle, a well-wrapped trudge through the mud and sludge. Who knows? Sometime soon.

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