Poem – Out of darkness – A poem about hope from terrorism.

Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope Hope.

Opher's World


Out of Darkness

I am angry. I cannot understand the mentality of anyone who believes it is not only OK, but a commandment, to heartlessly shoot some unarmed person, to rape a child, to slice a throat. I cannot comprehend.

Religious fundamentalism dehumanizes people.

There is no love, tolerance or freedom. It is toxic.

Religious fundamentalism, whether it is from the god-fearing Christians of the Southern States of America or the Jihadist sadists of the Arab Muslims, is a medieval insanity.

It is enough to make you hate.

It is sufficient to make you want to drop bombs, destroy and exterminate.

The thoughts of the poor innocents being tortured and slaughtered is as bad as anything the Nazis did. The fascism of of the Caliphate is beyond humanity.

Yet it is humanity. Cruelty is what we are good at. Callousness is our trademark. We care about nothing. We rape theā€¦

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