Wave Goodbye? Overpopulation Blues.

Wave Goodbye

There is a giant Tsunami coming – a wave of biblical proportions that will sweep everything before it. It is already inundating the land and wiping the earth, sea and air clean. The flood is coming. But where is the Ark? Where is our present day Noah to come to the rescue? Nowhere to be seen.

The wave is already building. I can see it rising before me – a wave so great that it is already flooding the whole world and drowning all that lives.

The super-tsunami is driven by us. We are being burying ourselves alive with tuk-tuks, mopeds and cars, drifts of rubbish and litter, and people – swarms of people – like locusts, stripping everything clean.

In Manilla our peddle rickshaw man, in his twenties, boasted of his seven children. In Oman the average family is five or six and we were told of one man with four wives and twenty eight children. Then there was India, Vietnam, Africa and the spectre of China.

We passed the tuna nets in the sea and saw only three distant sea birds. There were no dolphins jumping or whales blowing.

Our planet is being systematically sterilised. The tsunami is rearing above our heads. The flood is already upon us. Where is Noah?

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