I just voted Labour but I am totally disenfranchised!!!

I have just returned from voting. I put my vote in for Labour, Corbyn and a fairer Britain.

I voted for more equality, more funding for schools, the NHS and Social Care. I voted against the continuing cuts and austerity for the poor and public servants. I voted for more taxation on the super-rich and multinationals. I believe they should contribute more. I voted against the theft from pensioners, the disabled, poor and public servants to give tax breaks to the super-rich. I voted against Fox hunting, Grammar Schools, Religious Schools and Free Schools. I voted for a softer Brexit without tariffs. I voted for a caring Labour Party and against an uncaring Nasty Party. I voted for the many and not the few.

I voted for a Labour manifesto that is the best manifesto I have ever seen.

I ignored the Tory lies that have been present in all the media, painting Corbyn as an incompetent extremist. He isn’t.

I voted against the establishment who are running this unjust, unfair society. I voted for a change to something better.

But my vote counts for nothing. I am disenfranchised.

The area I live in is staunch Tory. It would take a monumental reawakening for it to change. My vote, no matter how well thought through, how passionately felt, is completely wasted.

This election is fought in the marginals. The vast majority of people, in both staunch Labour and staunch Tory areas, have no reason to vote. Their votes are wasted.

The election is actually affected by a small minority of people in certain marginal seats. The rest of us make no difference what so ever.

That cannot be right!

In a democratic system every vote should count.


6 thoughts on “I just voted Labour but I am totally disenfranchised!!!

  1. I have always been in favour of a proportional representation system as an ideal system but in theory. If you look at a spread of MPs based on a proportional vote for the 2015 election for example, you get a situation where no party has a majority and any government would comprise a combination of several parties. I don’t think that is good from a practical viewpoint. We need a government that can get on with the job not be bogged down by internal feuds and bickering. Look at the slanging match which was the televised Leaders’ debate. It was a farce. Take the Labour party. It is fractured with internal divisions. Corbyn managed to muster sufficient votes to stand in the leadership election because some MPS nominated him not because they intended to vote for him but because they wanted all sides to have representation. Clearly they have since regretted it as some of them have so stated. Two-thirds of Labour MPs don’t support Corbyn. That is not good if Labour win. There will be divisions within the government.

    1. I can see that there could be problems but it would be democratic and your vote would count. It would also stop this constant yo-yoing between the two major parties where one comes in and wastes money undoing what the other one set up. It would give minority parties a bigger say and break the two party mould. Both Labour and the Tories are really broad coalitions. The whole of this fiasco of Brexit and the subsequent elections was a silly attempt by Cameron to appease and control the right-wing of the Tory Party. Their divisions were just as bad if not worse than Labour. The media doesn’t report it though. Strange that. It blew up in his face and has covered all of us in the mess that ensued. Now we have the right wing of the Tories uin total control and running mayhem with extreme policies.
      The two thirds of the Labour MPs who did not support Corbyn did so for various reasons. Some thought that the public wouldn’t elect him and were worried about their own skins and some disagreed with his policies. But most of them were on the right of the Labour Party – Blairites who were watered down Tories. I think the majority will drop back into line if he gets elected. We’ll see. Labour needs to re-establish its credentials which I believe it is doing under Corbyn.

    1. Hi Simon. I think the European elections were based on too large a section but I have not heard of people being unhappy with the PR side. They are unhappy with the delegates who make the legislation not being elected. The referendum came up with the wrong answer, mainly because of lies, deception and poor campaigning, but at least was democratic and everyone’s vote counted. The majority of the population have a vote that counts for nothing today.

      1. I agree that same 200 seats have never changed since 1945 – so what’s the point of bothering? But there are issues with all the alternatives

      2. If there is a problem then we have to find a solution don’t we? It can’t be impossible to come up with a way that will work. At the moment it does not promote real democracy.

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