Now is the Summer of our Discontent made disglorious by the Sun

These are the Tory owned scaremongering scandal sheets that consistently lie, prevaricate, distort and put out blatant Tory propaganda.
They represent the establishment who, in this time of austerity and cuts, are doing very nicely, doubling their income and desperately wanting to keep it that way.
The Tory Party was formed by the rich elite to look after their interests and have been successfully doing just that for many, many generations. They represent the interests of what is probably the top 5%.
The reading age of the Sun is around 11 years. That is because it is aimed at the ignorant, uneducated and stupid. They think they are gullible. The same propaganda is put over in a more sophisticated manner through the Times and Telegraph. Every one of our newspapers and TV news sources is owned and/or controlled by wealthy Tories – including the BBC.
Jeremy Corbyn represents the other 95%. He is looking for a fairer distribution of wealth, better public services, well paid and highly motivated police, teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers and fire-fighters, and for the rich to cough up a little bit more to pay for it. He wants services like trains, gas, electricity and water to be nationally owned so that they are not run for profit with billions being put in the pockets of wealthy investors.
It is no wonder the establishment are pulling out all the stops in trying to undermine him. He is threatening their obscene profits.
Are you sheep or are you men and women?? Get out and vote this scum out of office before they totally destroy our schools, NHS, army, police and social care systems!!
They are a greedy bunch of elitists who try to obscure their real aims with rhetoric and gimmicks. Show them that these smear tactics don’t work.
Get out and vote!!
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Lots of people are going to wake up to see this atrocious smear-mongering tomorrow morning in the right-wing propaganda rags, so make sure they see this infographic in their Facebook feed first.

The billionaire elitists are absolutely terrified of Jeremy Corbyn because he says that he’s going to clamp down on their tax-dodging, make them pay their fair share of tax, hand more political power to ordinary people (these billionaire propaganda barons think the political power belongs to them), and most of all, because they know they can’t buy him for any price.

That’s why they’re going absolutely crackers to try to destroy him.


4 thoughts on “Now is the Summer of our Discontent made disglorious by the Sun

  1. Where did you get the figure of 11 years as the average age of a Sun reader? Correct me if I am wrong but I recall that Murdoch, and the Sun specifically, supported Labour in 1997. Blair & Murdoch were good pals until Murdoch discovered a few years ago that Blair and Wendi Deng had spent a night in one of his homes. He then divorced her.

    1. No the reading age of the writing in the Sun – not the readership. I believe I read it in an article I was reading about who the Tabloids were aiming at.
      Yes Blair saw the toxicity of the media and knew he had to woo them to get a fair hearing. That was all part of their grand New Labour plan. They took on Thatcherite policies and targeted the media. It worked in that it got them elected. It failed in that it did not deliver the social justice expected of a Labour Government because they were effectively Tories.

  2. What do you read The Guardian, the Teachers paper. The Guardian a paper I subscribed to for far too long, a ridiculous paper. Of course, the snide ginger haired little twat that stands by Corbyn is always by his side is employed by The Guardian, what else. As for your comments on The Sun and its readership I know a Lady who always buys that paper she is very well educated so that blows your “ignorant” readers away.

    1. No. I used to read the Guardian but it was too right wing for me. I tried the independent but that was also too biased. I settle now for the I and read between the lines.
      It is the Tabloid Press – The Sun, Mail, Express that are the worst purveyors of complete Tory rabid crap. They are criminally liars – Hillsborough is a good example. They have a reading age of around 11 Years and are targeted at the ignorant and gullible. The Telegraph comes close, same bias but a little more content and delivery.
      The Times, Guardian and Independent are all owned by the same people and have the same bias but are delivered with more intelligence and sophistication – hence are more subtle.
      The constant drip-feed has fed the Tory agenda, sometimes overtly and sometimes more subtlely, and paints the picture of Corbyn that distorts what he really is. A good example is the huge divisions that exist inside the Labour and Tory parties – both of whom are coalitions of different views. The Labour divisions have been plastered everywhere. The Tory divisions, which resulted in Cameron calling a referendum in order to bring the right wing on side in the 2015 election, are just as bad, if not worse, and have been papered over.
      Intelligence does not prevent people from being indoctrinated.

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