Shaky Theresa May – Mrs Wibbly Wobbly – is running scared.

Me thinks the public are sick to death with the Tories and their destruction of our public services under the guise of austerity. It is always the same. Pure dogma. They hate public services – bring in all manner of costly distracting gimmicks – religious schools, free schools, academies, grammar schools – to distract. What they are really doing is robbing them of funds to give to the rich in tax cuts.

People are seeing through Theresa May as a ‘tough’ woman. She is shaky and he belligerence doesn’t cover it up. The lady of the U-turns is now running scared.

Resorting to personal abuse and fear is a sure sign of panic. She’s lost the argument. Now the Nasty Party shows its real face.

If you want to protect the NHS, Schools and Care for the Disabled and Elderly get out there and vote.

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