The Choice is Stark. Labour v The Nasty Party

On June the 8th you have a clear choice between two ideologies:

Vote Labour

  1. Protect our Schools
  2. Protect the NHS
  3. Protect Social Services for the elderly and disabled
  4. Protect the police force to keep us safe
  5. End austerity
  6. Tax the rich
  7. Privatise the railways so profits are not creamed off for rich investors
  8. End the student fees
  9. A decent, less belligerent approach to Europe to get us a good deal

Vote for the Nasty Party

  1. More austerity
  2. More destruction and underfunding to the NHS, schools and disabled.
  3. More tax cuts for the rich
  4. More cuts for pensioners
  5. More fees for students.
  6. More tax evading and means for rich investors to rip us off
  7. A belligerent, aggressive stance to Europe that will put their backs up

As a completely unbiased voter I know you know what I mean.

All this twaddle about strong leadership when it is obvious Corbyn is the strong leader and May is too scared to even enter a debate with Corbyn let alone Europe.

All this twaddle about the IRA and Hamas – opening debate and discussion is the only way forward. Sharing a platform is not sharing views.

All this twaddle about Brexit when both parties are committed to the same thing – stupid though it is.

All this twaddle about financial management when Labour is the only party who have costed their proposals and the Tories haven’t put a figure on the board.

All this twaddle about speaking the truth and betraying pledges when Corbyn speaks from the heart and May does U-turns when popularity fades.

All this twaddle about terrorism and protecting us from the Islamic Fanatics when both sides will protect us and Labour will put more money in.

One thought on “The Choice is Stark. Labour v The Nasty Party

  1. Protect us? John McDonnell signed a missive calling for the MI5 and armed police to be disbanded. He claimed he’d never seen such a document, yet a photograph was released of him holding it.

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