It is the old who are lumbering us with the Nasty Party!!! Get out and vote!!

Just as with Brexit it is the Old Voters who are voting for the Tories and don’t give a hoot about the young, schools, the NHS or social care. It is the young who will pick up the bill!

Grannies and Granddads are dumping their grandchildren in the mess.

According to the Independent:

‘The (Labour) party is 57 points ahead of the Conservatives among voters under 25 years old, according to the poll, compared to 28 points shortly after the snap vote was called in April.

Across all the age groups, the survey for The Sunday Times showed Theresa May’s lead over Labour had fallen to seven points as she re-launched her election campaign.

While only 12 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds said they would vote Conservative, 69 per cent of them would opt to elect Jeremy Corbyn to Downing Street, the poll showed.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent of 25-to 49-year-olds favoured Labour, compared to 34 per cent who would vote Tory. Mr Corbyn’s 10-point lead among this age group was up from eight points in the first days after the election was announced.

Yet only 57 per cent of people in each young age group said they were absolutely certain to vote, compared to 66 per cent of 50 to 64-year-olds and 75 per cent of over 60s.’

Time to make sure everyone gets out to vote. This country can’t stand another five years of austerity and the dismantling of public services!!

10 thoughts on “It is the old who are lumbering us with the Nasty Party!!! Get out and vote!!

  1. And there it is on here – the importance of the black vote, which I said last week that Corbyn & Co will do anything to secure and you exclaimed “rubbish”. It’s also written by a black man. Hey, ho.

      1. Hi Anna, I am thanks as I’m now at my place in Estoril, Portugal, which is just down the coast from Lisbon. I was late getting here this year because of all the concerts I’d booked, so I’m here until around September. It’s hardly anything of a holiday though as I’ve got some people building a roof garden – it’s flat, spacious and will be brilliant when done. They like to start their day at 6 am, just about when I’m thinking of going to bed!
        Are you well enough to re-book for California?

  2. So we “oldies”, not forgetting you yourself are one, it is us the cause of wanting to be out of corrupt Europe, it is us that want the Conservatives. You could say it is the ignorance of the young and the pushing Left Wing Beliefs by the oldies that support Labour and its ridiculous and terrifying policies. If being an “oldie” and supporting the Conservatives means I want to know this Country will be safe from Muslim Terrorisrs/ISIS then yes I will

    1. Tory cuts won’t make you safe Anna. It’s a con.
      Yes, it is the old who are the problem. The young don’t buy Tory lies. The old are harking back to an age that didn’t exist. I’m afraid the empire’s gone and the riches it plundered went to the rich. The poor lived in poverty. My mum talked about the kids without shoes with rags tied round their feet. It was no golden age. The stately homes with servants and the slums.
      Labour certainly does not have terrifying policies. Read the manifesto. It makes perfect sense.
      A while ago you were backing Corbyn and Labour. What’s gone wrong? I think your terror of terrorism is out of all proportion.

      1. Why do you harp on and on about the bloody Empire, there is no Empire. As for we oldies of which may I remind you, You are One, perhaps you would prefer all these Young Ones shot us or whatever to get rid of us. You forget one thing the “Oldies” as you call us and the ones previous to us, made this Country what it is, its this lot coming those that support Corbyn and co that will destroy everything that we made. A Year has made a difference, I never thought I would ever ever agree with Blair but when he said the Labour Party should have got rid of Corbyn by God he was right, they left it too long. Corbyn, McDonnell, and Abbott will be a total disaster. Would not be surprised to see the Army etc rebel if they got to power. My fear of Muslim Terrorists Attacks in this Country IS NOT out of proportion, do you think Paris, Belgium/Holland/Tunisia and all the others are out of proportion. Lets see shall we, what is Corbyn going to do when there is an attack, discuss it for several hours?

      2. Hi Anna,
        No I don’t agree with you one bit.
        Firstly terrorism is not the major consideration.
        Secondly Corbyn or May – there would be no difference in terms of terrorism. That is a non-issue.
        Brexit is also not the issue. Stupidly we are shooting ourselves in the foot.
        The real issues are the environment and public services, the inequality and the way the Tories cynically treat the poor, disabled and elderly.
        Voting for those despicable Tories would destroy our education system and privatise the NHS for the wealthy to make more money out of us.
        Why is it that you latch on to one thing and suddenly change your mind about a person? A while back you were all in favour of Corbyn and castigating me for saying he was pathetic in the Brexit situation. He was. He let us all down – half-hearted. But that is not the case now.
        Have you read the Tory and Labour manifestos?
        I have talked to a lot of very silly old people who all want the empire back and think Brexit will make us powerful again. It’s quite the opposite. I know we have no empire. They don’t seem to understand.

  3. Thank you for asking about the leg/pain no unfortunately Opher still have the problems, see Specialist June 10, hopefully answers and treatment been six months of hell. Have to say in response to your answers above, have you been watching “I, Daniel Blake” again…..

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that. That is over a week away. I’m sure that seems interminable when you are in pain. I hope they can sort it out quickly.
      No I haven’t seen ‘I, Daniel Blake’ since it first came out. But I will probably get it on DVD. My main concerns on social care are what is going to happen to the care of the elderly. I’ve seen too many of my friends struggling to looking after their elderly parents or spouses. It costs a fortune. They have had to sell the house and all sorts. The Tory plan is not right. Money needs to be put into the care of the elderly. The Dementia tax is a travesty.

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