Captain Beefheart – Blabber ‘n’ Smoke – brilliant environment lyrics from a Rock poet.

One of many great numbers.

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Captain Beefheart (AKA Don Van Vliet) was a brilliant and highly original poet before going on to become a idiosyncratic artist.

This was one of his poems from the early 1970s. It still holds as much weight today as it did then. All we humans do is blabber and smoke. We allow the world and wild-life to be destroyed around us.

The blabber and smoke lyrics work on many levels – dope – industry – governments – activists.

My praise goes out to the demonstrators who march, protest and actively oppose the destruction of the worlds.

But I cannot help thinking that the pollution is the symptom. The real disease is overpopulation. Unless we solve that quickly the planet is doomed.

I outline the problems and solutions in my book Anthropocene Apocalypse:

Blabber ‘n Smoke

All you ever do is blabber ‘n smoke
There’s ah big pain in your window

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