Trump – has their ever been such a controversial, divisive President in the history of the USA?

As the news continues to pour out we are confronted with alleged:

Sex scandals

Sex orgies

Relationships with Russia



Incitement to violence

Ridiculing of disabled people


and an attitude of petulance and revenge taking on anyone who crosses him.

Is any of it true or is it all being manufactured by the anti-Trump lobby?

What is certain is that I cannot remember a President who has created such a split in the country. It exceeds that created by Bush, Reagan, LBJ and Nixon. Back ‘when I were a lad’ it was the Vietnam War that created a huge split between young and old. A generation of young people felt disenfranchised and at odds with the older generation in power. But this is different. This has split the country along different lines and the hatred is horrendous. The worst thing of all is that Trump, instead of trying to heal wounds and reunite the country is ramping it up.

Never have I read articles about impeaching a President before he has even taken office!

It looks to me as if the next four years are going to be a bumpy ride. Wake me up when it’s all over!

24 thoughts on “Trump – has their ever been such a controversial, divisive President in the history of the USA?

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    Certainly a controversial figure who could be extremely divisive, many may be disappointed with the outcome of the initial 4 year period, or how long the period will be, which ever is shorter.

    Time will tell.

    1. Or Kennedy. It isn’t the sex that worries me. It is the possibility that the Kremlin have taped it all and, if what they claim to have on video and audio is true, have the perfect blackmail mechanism. Do you think that is why they pulled out the stops to get him elected?

  2. If you can sleep on a choppy ship in rough waters, you can sleep through this! LOL I’m so struck by the comparison of the decorum of President Obama compared to the (as you said) petulant tantrums of Trump. OML!!! THIS is who is going to be leading this country? Someone needs to give him a crash course in diplomacy before he starts WWIII. This country is going to be the biggest laughing stock in the whole world. I think we should all send this baby boxes of Pampers!

  3. The second I heard this I laughed out loud.
    Was I surprised that you Opher instantly bought it without due consideration? No, not in the least. They could tell you Trump has 3 legs and you’d buy it. However….

    Firstly, the reason you cannot remember Opher, is very very simple. This sort of thing has never happened before. We also evermore so live in an instant newsflash media world that didn’t exist not that many years ago.
    However, I really cannot believe how you can rank this above the 300,000 young men that were wanton casualties in Vietnam, 65,000 of which were dead ones, that were mercilessly used to test out new toxic weapons in a distant jungle. I think your priorities and principles are a bit fucked up here and very much doubt that you would hold that opinion were you an ex-Nam vet yourself sitting crippled in a wheelchair.

    However, all conjecture aside – look who got fooled again! If Trump was indeed as compromised as you believed, why the hell would he run for president?
    Scurrilous total bullshit ‘news stories’ that were ‘commissioned’. That really doesn’t seem to me that it’s Trump who is ramping up anything as opined by yourself.
    The writer – some ex-MI6 agent who was based in Moscow in the 1990s (when?) buggers off for fear of his life. Too right he should.

    In terms of ramping anything up it just might be the actions of that stupid bastard Obama, who for a leaving present, just this morning sent in 3,000 troops to Poland. WTF!

    Old dogs never learn new tricks. I had suggested to you before that maybe it might best to lay off on the immediate knee-jerk reaction hysterics, but alas you couldn’t help yourself … again, and look like a bit of clown yourself, to tell the truth. Buy hey, you’re not alone here as there’s 2 of you.

    1. Well I’m amazed. If you read what I have written you notice that I ask the question as to whether all this is being manufactured. I then go on to say, quite rightly, that no previous President has ever created such division and controversy – which is undeniably true whatever the cause and reasons. No hysterics or knee-jerk response. I only have to listen to the stupidity of his opening speech. He actually accuses the CIA of plotting against him and making up stories. Even if that was the case it would be utterly extraordinary and certainly backs up my statement that we have never had anything like it before. He rejects all the detailed intelligence reports and thinks he knows better than all of the hundreds of thousands of experts who are gathering intelligence. I don’t think Trump’s limited view of the world is likely to be a better than that of the CIA but you obviously do. To have government openly at odds with the intelligence agency supposedly working for government is very dangerous. If the CIA is correct and Russia does have blackmail material, which could be why they wanted him elected, we have a mess.Then there is the way he dealt with the media – very Corbynesque and rude. And I think you accused Corbyn of being wrong? He comes over to me as a petulant rich kid who thinks he can do whatever he wants and if anyone tells him he can’t he throws his toys out of the cot. Whereas you have fallen for the Trump card hook line and sinker and completely reject all evidence bout the man that doesn’t fit your view. Who’s the clown?
      Time will tell where this is going. It already looks a disaster to me. The man is a bigoted chump who lies through his teeth but you love him and call anyone who doesn’t a clown. We’ll see.

      1. No. I cannot agree, I think Nixon’s Watergate creamed this nonsense trivia for obvious reasons. That is if you know anything of the detail about Watergate, other than just the headline stuff. Most folks haven’t a clue.
        The fact that you listed all accusations like they need to be considered gives the utmost impression that you did believe and any questions on your part are almost non-existent. I don’t believe you ever thought otherwise because that’s the way you operate.
        You always, always make a statement of belief first, long before any questions ever cross your mind.
        If you don’t know by now just how corrupt the CIA are, Opher? Seriously, are you sitting there believing them? Have you any idea what these people do all day?
        How do you know all their intelligence reports are “detailed”?
        And no it doesn’t back up your case because we DID have this before with Watergate. So your theory is lousy.
        No, there are not “hundreds of thousands of experts who are gathering intelligence”. That’s somewhat exaggerated and in truth nothing like it.

        Where on earth did you encounter that non-descriptive “Corbynesque”. How awful and how unwarranted. He’s not important enough. He’s a total nonentity.
        What did I accuse Corbyn with being wrong about? Would I care? Would it make any difference? Will I loose sleep over it? Will he still be a complete tosser even if I had done?

        However, Trump was absolutely right to accuse these CNN people about their falsehood. You only have to read the New York Times to be aware of all of it.
        The American media are a pretty vacuous bunch with many pretty close to knuckle-dragger level. They have some of the worst turds hosting news/media shows with millions of viewers that anyone who isn’t buttoned up the back could only treat with complete disdain. He isn’t in any position to be playing friendly pals with them. That isn’t his job. He’s not selling his autobiography would only give them credibility that they patently do not deserve. What sort of relationship with TV wankers were you expecting him to have Opher, something like “This Is Your Life”? I really don’t think so.
        No, you can’t get away with paraphrasing me. That’s my line that I only ever appropriate to you – hook, line and sinker. It doesn’t apply to me, nor ever it could. I don’t make bloomers. I’m not an hysterical old woman with her bloomers in a twist over conjecture that he maybe “nasty”.
        I know the history of stuff. I know what happened and why it happened. I never buy the populist report that I’ve had to correct you on too many occasions now.
        You are the clown. You have absolutely no proof that he “lies through his teeth”. Not an iota have you got.
        Did we really need that tired old cliche “time will tell”.
        Really? Well, well, well. What a revelation!

      2. Has it ever occurred to you that you like him so much because you operate in exactly the same way?
        Trump alone is the seat of all knowledge. Nobody else, experts of all kinds, CIA, climate scientists, politicians, news people, knows what is going on – only Trump. If anyone dares to disagree there is a mouthful of put-downs, sarcastic comment and nastiness. Nobody else is ever right. The tirade is abusive. It is hectoring and bullying.
        What is wrong with the man is his over-reactions, arrogance, petulance and nastiness. You gloss over his boastfulness and nastiness. You justify his behaviour.
        He is simply wrong. He should have more decorum and carry himself better. He should not use his power to belittle people or crush them – particularly the disabled or minority groups. If he thinks the CIA or media have it in for him he should react with more thought and less emotion. The office of President should not be the repository for a petulant bully. He is setting a tone that others will model.
        Nixon was unpopular at the end of his regime but not at the beginning. All politicians are divisive by nature of partisan politics but rarely has anyone deliberately stirred up hatred and created such division.
        At any other time the involvement of Russia would have created a colossal earthquake but Trump gaily sucks up to Putin and puts other pro-Russian people in his cabinet. What is going on? I’m all for a rapprochement with Russia but this looks like something else. You’re cool with it.
        The nepotism is unparalleled. Not a problem with you.
        The business interests and how they play out – no problem at all. He’s not feathering his own nest – even the hotel business with foreign delegates – fine.
        The rudeness, petulance and bullying – you actually seem to enjoy.
        Just like with Brexit you ignore all downsides.
        You don’t seem to understand the impact of leadership on everyone else. He sets the tone. If it’s alright for him to be rude, aggressive and arrogant it gives licence to the gutter racists and thugs to do likewise.
        The man is shaping up to be a huge disaster in my book but the tone of my post was to highlight the situation and ask the question. You read into it what you will.
        As to the shenanigans around his inauguration – it is unprecedented. That is undeniable whichever view you have of the man.

  4. No it hasn’t. It’s not a case of liking him, it’s a case of hating his opposition, the people who represent wholesale death, the people that you support. Nothing he does could ever be as bad as these murderous scum crooks.
    It’s been long overdue that these news people get told where to get off. I fully support that and its better done now than later. That was one of the smartest moves to do what he did with that last night. He would have been seen as weak and vulnerable had he let that crap go last night without a mention. Of course, he had a no win situation, as the liberal losers squad would always be crying about it. But it was better he bared his metal rather than get his tissue out and start crying, too.
    I haven’t mentioned his behaviour. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about it. He hasn’t done anything that seems remotely worrying to me. But I’m not an old woman.
    I didn’t bother to read all your rubbish about him being petulant this and bullying that Opher. It’s too juvenile.

    I knew you’d know nothing about Nixon, saying he was “popular” at the beginning. What a turkey of a statement to make. Never mind.

    I don’t see much stirred up anything. All the stirring up has been done by petulant and disgruntled sore-loser Democrats and fully paid up media people. Are you totally blind to that?
    It’s slapping you in the face and you can’t see it?

    You have absolutely no idea who is pro-Russian, do you? You’re just spewing out absolute nonsense “False News” again. You really haven’t much clue at all about the people in his cabinet. But you excel in such fantasy. I don’t know why as it’s just as easy, if not more interesting to deal with reality. Maybe you live in partial fantasy?

    You again go on to make more mention of petulance and bullying…again. Why? What’s changed in one paragraph?

    There are no downsides regards Brexit that I could give a toss about. You just don’t understand.
    Brexit will not affect your life one jot, so get over it.
    I am one of large majority who do not accept the terms and will not be dictated to by Fascists.
    You’re welcome to go give it a try, come back in a year and tell how great it all wasn’t.

    I think the tone he set was one of ‘if you’re going to tell it, tell the truth’. That would blow the minds of most people. It’s certainly a concept that given your political persuasions would be completely alien to you. You’re simply just not used to such forthright in-your-face pro-activeness.
    Why should he beat about the bush? The situation is way too serious for that nonsense.
    The country is, in case you have forgotten – and you so obviously have – on it’s knees.
    This isn’t any normal Presidency role. This is a whole other ball game that is going to take a whole new level of approach. It’s fairly obvious that most people agree with the programme of action that’s required.
    Of course there’s always going to be an element of what are basically conscientious objectors and wooly heads, but there not much use when you need to get stuff done.

    His inauguration will all be forgotten in about 72 hours. Were you expecting some A-list of entertainment? You’d be sorely disappointed as that’s just not his scene at all. There are much more important issues to spend his time with.

    1. As I said – everything you disagree with is false news.
      He tried to get a load of A-listers but for some reason they didn’t want to go!
      As for Brexit – it has already affected me financially and emotionally. It has hit my family even harder. And it hasn’t happened yet! It is going to hit the poor and elderly and the public servants – but I bet the wealthy and powerful aren’t going to notice! You’re very blasé about the effect of the pound shooting through the floor. It already is putting prices up. When we press the button we’ll have two years of chaos with thousands of new civil servants trying to sort the mess – what a waste of money! That money comes straight out of the pockets of nurses, teachers and the like. What will come out the other end? It will favour all the wrong people if May and her mob get their way. Get real Andrew.
      I’m no supporter of the establishment and Clinton – the lesser of two evils is clear to me though. Trump is an uncouth lout. The tone he set is one of a rude hectoring bully.

      1. I really don’t understand your comment that everything I disagree with is false news. What does that mean?
        I know false news when I see it and you are a propagator of it.
        So I guessed right, you had been looking out to be entertained by A-listers. Why? He’d already said that he wouldn’t be interested in that. How could you have missed that?

        You were fooled with stories of bankruptcy and waxed lyrical without a clue what you were talking about, completely unawares.
        You were fooled with stories of building a wall, when in fact there already exists a massive wall and all Trump proposes to do is to finish it off with filling in the spaces.
        You’ve actually still got almost no idea who he has hired or what they will do.

        You do it all the time and sometimes subconsciously, like last week when you tried to pin the advent of UK Punk as an act of anti-Thatcher, when in fact it was an act of anti-Labour.
        I really don’t know if you’ll ever live that one down. You’ll never live it down as far as I’m concerned. Your entire political spectrum blow up right in your face and quite rightly so, too, as such stupidity can only deserve as much.

        As for Brexit. I really couldn’t care less.
        I suggest that if it has affected you emotionally then you seek solace of your psychiatrist immediately.

        Wouldn’t you prefer the civil servants to be UK based, working for the UK, rather than 10,000 faceless sitting in Brussels and Strasbourg? I would.

        Whatever Trump is, he’s not hectoring Iran with threats to nuke it. That was the action of a bully. It wasn’t him that just sent 3,000 troops into Poland. You chose to conveniently ignore that, despite it happening this very morning. That was also the action of a bully. But amazingly you are too dim to realise that. Get real Opher.

      2. You’re sounding more and more like Trump every minute.
        Haven’t you read about all the A-listers pulling out?
        No – I report news. You interpret everything you disagree with as being false news. You purport to have access to the only real news around.
        Have you read the real picture of the debts in the Trump businesses – or is all that false news too? Like Russian hackers, sex orgies and the rest of it.
        How can something be false news when you see his lips move as he says unpleasant things to people, see him ratcheting up hatred at rallies and inciting people to beat people up, read his unpleasant tweets. He’s an obnoxious thug. I can’t see why you love him. He represents everything that is despicable.
        I think you will find that there is still one hell of a lot of wall requires building. Good luck with it. What a stupid idea and waste of money. Perhaps he’ll bring in cheap migrant labour?
        I’m reading about the people he’s putting together – his family and friends – the antiabortionists, climate warming deniers and Putin sycophants. Or is that media hype?
        We’ll see what Trump’s views will be on Iran. We know what he’s said about ISIS. Iran is a big player in the whole destabilisation of the middle East. If they gain nuclear power there will be war. We’ll see the finesse he brings to bear. He’s renowned for his careful thinking isn’t he?
        Perhaps you should care about Brexit and the impact it will have on the poor and desperate? Perhaps you should be more caring?

  5. I’m really not going to talk about A-listers. Please!
    I don’t read false news or indulge in like I have proven that you have, on too many occasions.
    I don’t read tweets. I’ll leave that to teenage girls or whoever reads such.
    I don’t know about his business debts, as it’s all hearsay.
    I don’t know about Russian hackers or any sex orgies as it’s all hearsay. And so what even if the latter is true. He was his own man, in his own time, on his own terms, what’s the problem? Or are you one of these puritanical judgmental mental cases screaming like Mary Whitehouse. But you are the 21st century Mary Whitehouse. I’ve said that on a few occasions now about you. And I’m right. Your such a finger pointer. You bleat on and on about the population crisis and global warming and pollution, yet are responsible for irresponsible actions on your part.
    If you haven’t understood the debate of false news by now you never will.
    If you care to remember, it was I that had to tell you that there already was a huge portion of wall already – so don’t get smart with me on that issue, as you just didn’t even know about it. You cannot take any credit for knowing anything about it.

    What is despicable as opposed to a guy telling some jerks where to get off, is to stand and receive a Nobel Peace Prize and 2 days later implement a trillion dollar nuclear arms development programme. A Secretary of State running for President elect telling another country to stand aside otherwise it will get nuked. Clinton’s favourite General announcing his support to her foreign policy with comments such as “the B-61 model 12 make the nuclear threat all the more thinkable”, and his lips moved when he said it. Sending 3,000 troops into Poland to assist with the shore up of the Nazi government in Ukraine. A whole host of contentious bullying activities throughout the pacific region, with Clinton’s head of Naval Command boast of a new Navigational Policy that automatically gives the US fleet the right to harass Chinese vessels in Chinese waters.
    The picture is obviously too big for you and way above your level of concern for absentee A-listers and perception of what’s “nasty”.
    Iran is what it is. Iran always looks after Iran. Iran couldn’t give a damn about the plight of other countries in the region. It never has. If it did then it would never have been at war with Iraq.
    Iran won’t be getting any nuclear weapons. Didn’t you know this? So why bother with such stupid conjecture with zero factual merit?
    I don’t think you will be hearing him threaten to nuke Iran, like that psychopath Clinton.

    I do care about Brexit. That’s why I am delighted that we are leaving the EU.
    As for the poor and the desperate – what difference would me caring make? None.

    1. As I said you are selective about what you read and believe and do not like anyone having a different opinion to you. All one then gets is a tirade of abuse and arrogant ‘I told you’s’. You sound more and more like Trump all the time.
      Get off your high horse and be a bit more human.
      I write on here what I feel and what I believe. I put out the things that gel with me and I open the blog up for anyone to comment. You are free to put your case and say your piece if you disagree. There really isn’t any need for all the personal crap. But if that’s what you want to do – fine.
      I find it amusing that you should describe me as a Mary Whitehouse. That is funny.
      I am fully aware, thank you, that I do not always live up to my highest ideals. But then when it comes to climate change I think it is government decisions that make the big differences – not people like me. That is who we should be lobbying and I do that on a regular basis.
      I think you’re a bit het up about things. There’s no need. Loosen up. As I keep saying – there is no need for all this nastiness. It makes you appear unpleasant.

    2. That’s a rather rich statement from someone who has been up to his neck in false news for the last 6 months.
      But not me matey, hence why you would think “I’m selective about what I read and believe”. Are you just totally comatose or what? Are you really that switched off that this is how you perceive any of the information contained above in my last post?
      Are you that out of touch with the reality that you actually question it’s validity? If so you need to see a psychiatrist.
      None of the above that I listed was known by you before I told you. You don’t do very much for yourself to keep yourself informed. You wait until the mainstream tell you and you buy into it because they told you. You come from a completely different age of reason to me. You are so old school in the way you digest news and what you do with it.
      All these situations are of such fundamental huge import that you can’t bring yourself to acknowledge this because you feel so damnably inadequate having not known about them in the first place. You’re much more in your comfort zone pointing fingers about stuff that in relative terms is total trivia.
      That’s so obvious to all.
      As with your blown out of all proportion comments about Trumps alleged sex orgies. Seriously, what kind of bloke are you, if not a touch way too puritanical for his own good?
      Hence, why you therefore look like Mary Whitehouse.
      You bring it on yourself for being such a puritanical jerk.

      As for your opening sentence above – that’s such incredible bullshit and you know it. How many times, countless times now have I countered your completely misinformed statement with “as a matter of fact, it’s like this…” I’ve lost count.
      Your problem you have is that you have all too often based an opinion on false news. That really can’t be too helpful to you.

      Go ahead talk about stuff, but ffs get the right basic info eh?
      I really don’t think it’s me who gets “het up” – as I’m not wasting my time lobbying governments.

      1. No you’re quite right Andrew. I knew nothing about the Chinese fortified islands or the disputed islands with Japan. I know nothing about the militarisation of the region. I know nothing about Crimea and Ukraine and the militarisation there. All I know is the information you kindly give me.
        Strange really. When I was out in Taiwan and toured the island, saw the airfields and military defences and took part in the huge demo in Taipei I was completely brainless. I should have put two and two together. Thank heavens you are there to put me right time and time again.
        But in terms of Trump’s sex orgies and molesting of women you have got totally the wrong end of the stick (again). You are so keen to make your personal attacks, and so gleeful that you’ve latched on to Mary Whitehouse, that you miss the whole point. Let me spell out my position on sex so that you can get your head around it.
        I like sex.
        I am in favour of everyone having as much sex as they like.
        I have no problem with consensual orgies.
        As far as I’m concerned if a bunch of people want to meet up and nail their genitals to a table for kicks that’s fine with me. If they want to video it that fine too. If they want to share videos of consensual sex acts then that’s fine.
        I don’t mind people buying sex from willing parties.

        I do not condone exploitation, coercion or abuse.
        I consider it abuse if older people exploit young people under the age of 16.
        I consider it abuse if a person in power exploits that position to abuse women (ie grabbing them by the pussy)
        I consider it exploitation and abuse if young girls are forced into the sex business.
        If a bunch of people want to meet up and nail somebody elses genitals to a table against their will then I’m against it.

        Now if that sounds puritanical or the slightest bit like Mary Whitehouse then so be it. I find that analogy laughable.

        My concern about Trump and his orgies wasn’t the sex – it was the fact that he is now compromised and open to blackmail and manipulation. I say again – did the Kremlin want him in power because they can exploit that and have leverage?

        Now I wish you’d stop being arrogant and daft, trying to score cheap points and opposing everything I say for the sake of it. Misrepresenting what i say for stupid reasons. It’s getting silly.

      2. What’s China’s disputes with Japan got to do with anything?
        I never mentioned them. Nobody ever mentioned them.

        I did mention China’s disputes with Philippines.
        This is a different issue than the Japan one.
        This is the one where the US support the Philippines.

        Just as a point of fact, there is NO US militarisation in Ukraine or Crimea. There IS CIA representation in Ukraine.

        What’s your holiday in Taiwan got to do with anything?
        I’m not interested in your holidays.
        Interestingly, just as a point of fact, had you wanted to travel on to China from Taiwan, there’s no guarantee that they’d let you enter. It’s a bit like having an Israeli passport stamp and trying to enter UAE. Sometimes no, sometimes yes.

        On the subject of False News, or as is the case here, Censored News:
        I was referring to what happened last year, which you didn’t know about because it was never reported and I asked you to find contemporary reports on it and strangely enough was met with total silence from you.
        This was the massive naval and air rehearsal the US had with Australia, were China to be flexing its muscles in the Pacific.
        This was an example of what doesn’t ever get in the news.
        And you didn’t know about it. Obviously.

        A while back I accused you of being subject to the roll over effect of spurious and doctored news reports. That you all too easily believed whatever news various TV and agencies put out. You took it at face value and didn’t seem to question it.
        It was very obvious to me that this was the case.
        I suggested that you dig a bit deeper than the instant news flash. You actually agreed that you were a bit naive when it came down to it.

        It was yourself who recently was promoting False News posts.
        #1 The first one was how much money Trump had been given by his father to start up in business.
        You claimed it was ONE BILLION DOLLARS!
        An incredible claim and you were certain in your accuracy.
        You had believed some bullshit report.
        You even went so far as to accuse me of being a Trump supporter because I knew your story was false.
        I had to explain to you that although Trump won’t actually say what the exact figure was, it is estimated by what his first business venture was, that it could not have been more than $10 million. 10 million is a far cry from 1 billion.

        #2 was your claim that Trump had ‘gone bankrupt’ twice and because of who he was etc he was able to ‘start again’ as you so helpfully described.
        Your naivety with that one actually caused me to spill my cup of coffee down myself. Yes, it was that funny.
        You failed to realise that this was only one sector of Trump’s empire – office buildings. He has over 200 of these tower block buildings in USA. Sometimes one or two don’t work, so he writes them off and sells them on.
        But you made claim that this was indicative that he was a crook and all that goes with it.
        Your diatribe was simply that of juvenile, tabloid mentality.
        You genuinely thought that Trump’s entire empire had gone bankrupt, not once but twice! I really couldn’t write the script if my life depended on it. You really take the biscuit at times.

        Then there was all your very naive support for Clinton. Not that you knew anything about her as was patently very obvious quite early on – ie. you had no idea of the Saudi money tree etc. I had to put you right with that.
        The point was you didn’t actually know why you were being coerced into giving her support, because you had unwittingly believed a lot of the False News.
        But it doesn’t stop there, given the most recent revelations.
        As more time passes there’s more and more really bad stuff coming out about these False News people and others connected to the Democrats. For Instance when Clinton and Trump had done these 3 live TV debates and it turns out that Clinton had received the questions in advance. I don’t know which debate, or if it was more than one of them, but still seriously scurrilous all the same. What a cheat she is.
        And to the end of time I will never understand your powers of reasoning given her insane threats to Iran.
        Quite how you can voice support to people who have designed the most massive nuclear warhead manufacturing policy ever known is astonishing.
        And you spew on about support for the poor and disenfranchised!
        Your hypocrisy is beyond belief. One trillion dollars worth of hypocrisy that’s beyond belief.
        How can you bark up the wrong tree so loudly for so long?

        As for the rest of your text – it really wasn’t worth writing that.
        You got your big girls blouse in a twist and grabbed the wrong end of the stick. I couldn’t care less what you think about sex. It seems to me that you’ve lead a rather closeted and sheltered life in that respect, so hardly going to be any kind of authority on the matter. I don’t even think that you could imagine what I’m referring to. Forget it, Mary.

        However, don’t you get it?
        My point was that the sex allegations that are allegedly supposed to have occurred in Moscow are bullshit False News. They are not true. They were made up to try to damage Trump.
        Haven’t you listened to a word that is being said from all sorts of news agencies not commonly associated with being any kind of supporter’s of Trump.
        The bullshit has gone one step too far and even they are calling the reigns in on this one. Even the BBC, and that’s saying something.
        How could you have missed all this.
        Instead we get some juvenile diatribe of your likes and dislikes. A big long list of narcissism with “I like this, I don’t like that”. Who cares what you like or don’t like?
        Incidentally, I thought you said you were a “writer”.
        You’re actually a very poor writer, because you employ the short sentence structure far too frequently with the narcissism problem at the very bottom of the writer’s totem pole. You find it very difficult to structure a descriptive and cohesive sentence and seemingly are unable to get past the short-stutter style. Frankly, it is an appalling bad habit that you should have shaken off long before now given the number of years that you’ve been playing around with it.
        However, I digress.
        What has any of your “I like this, I don’t like that” got to do with the really serious issue of False News?
        Don’t you get it?
        The Kremlin haven’t got anything on him!
        There is no film.
        There are no recordings.
        What are you talking about with Russia wanting him in power and then exploiting him?
        What fantasy trip are you on?
        And you talk about being silly?
        I think you’re buttoned up the fucking back, mate.
        At top job sparkle horse.

        I’ve never misrepresented anything you’ve ever said.
        I just laughed at a lot of it.

      3. And ‘Blog’ is the operative word, Opher.
        Why do you keep making 12 posts a day, with all sorts of crap like Germaine Greer quotes – please spare me that sort of rubbish please.
        Why can’t you stick all your topics of the day under the one umbrella, or reduce the number.
        But you can’t go on doing the quantity that you are because I don’t know if you know it or not, but that is abuse of the system and could get you closed down.
        10-12 ‘New Post’ incoming mail per day is not a Blog.
        That is tantamount to trolling.

        However, here we were with probably the most important and crazy situation that makes a mockery of our entire culture of communication and news media – and you don’t want to discuss it!
        Your loss, because a number of other blogs that I know are going absolutely mental with it.
        I know why you don’t want to discuss it – but you could at least be a bit more honest with yourself.
        On second thoughts, no you couldn’t.

      4. I have no problem with discussion. I have a problem with abuse. All your responses are heaped with arrogant statements and personal put-downs. It’s rude and does not command respect. Dialogue and discussion shouldn’t be smattered with arrogant statements and haughtiness. It is not conducive. You just turn people off. It’s tedious. There is debate to be had with discussion on the validity of opinions but no debate with someone who states they are right about everything and everyone else is an idiot.
        I’ve lost count of the times you’ve started with ‘I know best about everything and you are a mindless cretin. Doesn’t impress me a bit. If you have an opinion I’ll listen. If you talk down to me then too bad – not interested. You are not as right about things as you think you are.
        If you want discussion change your tone.

  6. It’s always best to be right Opher. And I can back it up.
    There’s not much more to say on this subject as you believe the story and I don’t and seemingly neither does most of the world.
    Have you checked your garden shed recently? Perhaps Christopher Steele is hiding out in there?

    1. I’m not sure I do believe the story. I’ve an open mind on that one. It is a possibility. There are probably very good reasons why Russia wanted Trump and pulled out the stops to get him.
      I’ve checked the shed and all I found was a dead body poisoned with polonium!

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