Ebola in the Garden of Eden – Chapter 1

Here’s a sample. The book has great pace and storyline yet is thought provoking.

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My books are available on Amazon. I write in a number of genres. Sci Fi is one of my main genres. I like the scope it provides. I do not write Space Opera – I prefer exploring morality and social situations.

Ebola in the Garden of Eden is a thought-provoking novel.

Here is a sample for you to judge:

CHAPTER 1 – Painting the scene

The United Nations building rises up like a great glass slab alongside the East River in Manhattan. From a distance it is fanciful to imagine it resembling the monolith that Arthur C Clarke summoned up in 2001 A Space Odyssey. It too represents the hope for mankind’s future.

This is the organisation that spawned the magnificent document ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ in which the optimistic dreams of the world were enshrined. This was the world community’s apotheosis, and all that was required was…

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