Opher’s Word tributes to Rock Geniuses – the Cover Photo

Featured Book – Opher’s World Tributes to Rock Geniuses – The Cover

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In 2012 I saw Lee Scratch Perry in York and took a number of photos. He was an incredible character. For a guy so old who had lived such a life he was full of energy – a great gig.

When it came to selecting an image for a cover I either use one of my paintings or a photo. This came to mind. I selected one of the images and it worked. In my opinion Lee Scratch Perry makes a worthy cover for a tribute to Rock geniuses.

If you would like to purchase this book or one of my others they are available on Amazon. Or just have a browse.

In the UK:


Opher’s World Tributes to Rock Geniuses :



In the USA:


Opher’s World Tributes to Rock Geniuses :

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