Woody Guthrie – This Machine Kills Fascists! Why have that sign?

We need to kill a few fascists today – with words, reason and logic to melt their anger and hatred.

Opher's World


Woody Guthrie had a sign that he stuck or painted on his guitars. It read:


Woody was an extremely clever man. He knew you didn’t wipe out fascism by bombing, shooting or legislating.

War and violence creates hatred and fear. For every fascist killed two more are spawned. It is self-defeating. It is the cycle we are seeing in the Middle East – in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan……..

Fascism is born of desperation and ignorance. It is born out of hopelessness. People look for black and white, simple answers, to complex problems. They elect fascists to sort the problems. They turn to fascism to give them hope.

They are mistaken.

Woody recognised this. The answer to fascism, racism, and religious fanaticism in the long term is not violence, it is education – it is through song and intelligence.

I’m all for the death of fascism. I…

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